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The Talwar is redolent of the renowned Minmatar practicality in terms of battle. Irrespective of numbers, firepower and circumstances, their strategy when engaged in combat often revolves around the same central tenet: Stay untouchable as much as you can, either by sneaking around or rushing in, do as much damage as fast as you can, and get out before you get killed.

As such, the Talwar does not come equipped to hang around forever on the battlefield. It is built to rush around at speed without getting caught, and to hit very hard and very, very fast.

Helpful Information

The Talwar was introduced in the Retribution update, giving the Minmatar Republic a fast and cheap missile platform.

Being slightly more rigid and harder to hit when using a MWD, it trades in with it's lower base velocity and a less effective weapons system when compared to the Thrasher. Make no mistake however that the reach and multiple launchers makes this a deadly adversary. The other destroyers introduced in Retribution are however more popular than the Talwar, namely the Corax having a medium slot layout that enables an actual tank solution to fit.


Minmatar Destroyer bonuses (per skill level):

  • 5% bonus to explosive Light Missile and Rocket damage
  • 15% reduction in Microwarpdrive signature radius penalty

Role Bonus:

  • 50% bonus to Light Missile and Rocket max velocity


  • Minmatar Destroyer I
    • Minmatar Frigate III
      • Spaceship Command I

Non Reimbursable Fits

NONE AVAILABLE – Feel free to make one and add it, or contact someone in the wiki-office channel in the Discord for help.

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