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Interdictors are Tech 2 ships based upon Destroyer class hulls.

Type Amarr Caldari Gallente Minmatar
Interdictors Heretic Flycatcher Eris Sabre

Helpful Guidelines

Interdictors have better resistance to damage, power grid output, CPU power, and capacitor power than their Tech 1 equivalents. Most importantly they are able to launch Warp Disrupt Probes which are commonly referred to as bubbles. Bubbles prevent all ships within a 20km radius from warping except for Strategic Cruisers equipped with an Interdiction Nullifier subsystem, and Interceptors (which have the attribute “immune to non-targeted interdiction”). For more information on warp disrupt probes click the link above. The life of an Interdictor pilot is exciting and quite often short because FCs make them a priority target. For that reason Interdictors are always in demand in fleet and small gang work.

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