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Drones are one of the three weapons systems of EVE, the other two being turrets and launchers. They are robotic spacecraft with various functions. Combat drones serve as the primary weapons system of many Gallente ships but are utilized by all races by some extent. Drones also serve a utility role, preforming various tasks such as mining or electronic warfare. While their damage formula is identical to turrets, drones are a unique mechanic of EVE.

Drone Basics

Drones are the EVE version of pets. Some ships use them as a primary weapon and those ships will usually get fewer high slots or hard points. There are several types of drones: Combat, Mining, Electronic Warfare and Logistics.

Gallente are the primary drone users with the Dominix and Ishtar, however Amarr also happen to have some excellent drone ships, such as the Pilgrim and Curse. All four of the newbie ships have drone bays, however the Gallente one has the largest bay emphasizing their drone usage. Drones were rebalanced some time ago (nerfed drastically) by giving ships two drone stats: Drone Bandwidth and a Drone Bay Capacity. The Drone Bay is a special cargo hold that fits your currently available drones (load it in station). The bandwidth determines how many drones you can actually control at a time. For both of these stats Small Drones use 5, Medium use 10, Large use 25.

Aside from motherships and carriers, you can have at most 5 drones deployed at a time. The actual limit is determined by your Drones skill level and the drone bandwidth of your ship.

Creating Drone Groups

In the overview you will have the ability to right click on a drone and select Move | New Group. You can then create a folders and move drones into via the right click menu.

How you choose to do this is really personal preference. While ratting I'll generally have a group of light drones to take out frigates/destroyers as well a group of medium or heavy drones to take on cruisers and battleships. As a Gallente pilot, especially in a Dominix, Eos, or Ishtar, creating groups is an invaluable tool to organize all your drones since you will be able to store so many. There are a lot of options here as you could create mixed groups of certain drones while fighting a specific type of enemy and really increase their effectiveness. Being able to recall and launch different groups of drones can make most NPC spawns extremely easy.

Drone Ships

Ship Name Faction Type Drone Bay(m³) Bandwidth(MBit) Bonuses
Arbitrator Amarr Cruiser 150 50 10% HP+Damage per level
Basilisk Caldari Logistics 25 25 20% Shield Bot Amount per level
Curse Amarr Recon 150 50 10% HP+Damage per level
Dominix Gallente Battleship 375 125 10% HP+Damage per level
Eos Gallente Command Ship 150 75 15 Drone Bay per level
Guardian Amarr Logistics 25 25 20% Armor Bot Amount per level
Helios Gallente Covert Ops 5 5 10% Scout Drone Thermal Damage per level
Imicus Gallente Frigate 15 15 5% Drone Range per level
Ishkur Gallente Assault Frigate 25 25 5 Drone Bay per level
Ishtar Gallente Heavy Assault Cruisers 125 125 5km Range, 10% HP+Damage, 50 Drone Bay per level
Myrmidon Gallente Battlecruiser - - 10% HP+Damage per level
Oneiros Gallente Logistics - - 20% Armor Bot Amount per level
Pilgrim Amarr Recon 150 50 10% HP+Damage per level
Scimitar Minmatar Logistics 45 45 20% Shield Bot Amount per level
Vexor Gallente Cruiser 100 75 10% HP+Damage per level

Drone Effectiveness

Certain drones are useless against certain classes of ships. This is a rough guide as to which ones work. Note that if you can web or slow down the ships, then Warriors become unnecessary for pursuit.

Ship Type Drone Type Damage Weakness Required Pursuit Speed (m/s) Reason
Basic Frigates Any Lights Standard ~3000 Pursuit/Tracking
Interceptors Warriors (Lights) Any ~4500 Pursuit/Tracking
Assault Frigates Any Lights Racial ~2500 Tracking
Interdictors Any Light/Medium Racial ~3000 Pursuit
Cruisers Any Heavy Standard ~1500 Tracking
HACs Any Heavy Racial ~2000 Tracking
Battlecruisers Any Heavy Standard ~1200 Tracking
Battleships Any Heavy Standard ~1000 DPS
Capital Ships Any Heavy Standard ~70 DPS
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