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Medium Scout Drones

Medium Scout Drones are heavier version of the Light Scout Drones, and thus do more damage and more slower. The stats are listed below:

Name Damage Type DPS Max Speed(m/s) Tracking(rad/s) Volume(m³) Req Skills
Valkyrie I Explosive 7.8 2100 0.9 10 Medium Drone Operation I
Infiltrator I EM 6.9 1900 0.9
Vespa I Kinetic 8.7 1600 0.68
Hammerhead I Thermal 9.6 1400 0.6
Valkyrie II Explosive 9.36 2520 1.2 Medium Drone Operation V, Racial Specialization II
Infiltrator II EM 8.28 2280 0.99
Vespa II Kinetic 10.44 1920 0.918
Hammerhead II Thermal 11.52 1680 0.768
Republic Fleet Valkyrie Explosive 12.5 3000 1.1484 Medium Drone Operation I
Imperial Navy Infiltrator EM 13.5 2760 1.056
Caldari Navy Vespa Kinetic 14.5 2268 0.858
Federation Navy Hammerhead Thermal 15.25 2016 0.7656

More information on how to use medium scout drones can be found at Drones.


  • Medium Scout Drones take up double the volume as Light Scout Drones (10m3) but do more damage to larger targets. Use these drones against cruiser sized targets.
  • While doing more damage, Medium Scout drones are not as fast as their smaller counterparts, so be careful not to leave them behind when warping out of a nasty situation.
  • Hammerheads are usually the drones of choice as they do far more DPS than other drones.
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