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Light Scout Drones

Light Scout Drones are the smallest and fastest of the drone types. These will be the first drones you use in your eve career, and will continue on being effective in mission running and PVP with their Tech 2 variants. Each light scout drone occupies 5m³ of volume, letting you carry as many as 5 in most Battlecruisers, and some Cruisers.

Name Damage Type DPS Max Speed(m/s) Tracking(rad/s) Volume(m³) Req Skills
Warrior I Explosive 4.875 4200 2.7 5 Light Drone Operation I
Acolyte I EM 4.3215 3800 2.47
Hornet I Kinetic 5.4375 3200 2.1
Hobgoblin I Thermal 6 2800 1.815
Warrior II Explosive 5.85 5040 3.24 Light Drone Operation V, Racial Specialization I
Acolyte II EM 5.175 4560 2.964
Hornet II Kinetic 6.525 3840 2.52
Hobgoblin II Thermal 3360 2.178 2.178
Republic Fleet Warrior Explosive 7.75 5040 3.564 Light Drone Operation I
Imperial Navy Acolyte EM 8.5 4620 3.2868
Caldari Navy Hornet Kinetic 9 3780 2.6928
Federation Navy Hobgoblin Thermal 9.5 3360 2.3958

For more details on drones and how to use them, refer to Drones.


  • Light scout drones are equipped with Microwarp Drives (MWDs) and will burn to their target once given a command.
  • All Light Scout drones are not created equal. Warrior's are the fastest and will keep up with speedy targets easier; Hobgoblins do the most pure damage.
  • Using Hornets and Acolytes is a bad idea in PVP, in PVE they are sometimes used on missions featuring rats which are known to be vulnerable to a specific damage type however typically either Warriors or Hobgoblins is fine.
  • Because of their size and speed, Light Scout Drones are typically the best suited to killing frigates or interceptors. They will not do any significant damage against cruiser or larger targets.
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