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Heavy Attack Drones

This article contains old and misleading info. Please use

Heavy Attack Drones are what larger Battleships use to fend off attacks from smaller, faster targets. They are great for dealing significant damage to Cruiser and Battlecruiser sized targets, and can do quite well even against quicker Frigates and Interceptors. These drones are more than twice the size of Medium Scout Drones (25m³ each) and can be quite expensive. Their stats are listed below:

Name Damage Type DPS Max Speed(m/s) Tracking(rad/s) Volume(m³) Req Skills
Berserker I Explosive 15.6 1050 0.4725 25 Heavy Drone Operation I
Praetor I EM 13.8 950 0.42
Wasp I Kinetic 17.4 800 0.3575
Ogre I Thermal 19.2 700 0.3
Berserker II Explosive 18.72 1260 0.567 Heavy Drone Operation V, Racial Specialization IV
Praetor II EM 16.56 1140 0.504
Wasp II Kinetic 20.88 960 0.429
Ogre II Thermal 23.04 840 0.36
Republic Fleet Berserker Explosive 25 1800 0.9372 Heavy Drone Operation I
Imperial Navy Praetor EM 27 1656 0.8316
Caldari Navy Wasp Kinetic 28.75 1350 0.7062
Federation Navy Ogre Thermal 30.75 1200 0.592

More information on how to use the drones can be found at Drones.


  • Heavy Attack Drones are big, fat, and slow. You shouldn't be using these drones unless you know that your target isn't going anywhere. They are also quite expensive for a newer player, so you may need to micro-manage them if they start taking damage.
  • Ogres are often the drones of choice as they do far more DPS than other drone types.
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