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Mining Drones

Mining Drones are an extra way for a Mining pilot to increase their ore yield.

These drones will fly to the instructed asteroid, mine for 60 seconds, and return to drop off their space rocks to the pilot's cargo hold.

Drone Velocity(m/s) Base Yield(m³) Base Cycle Time(s)
Mining Drone I 400 15 60
Mining Drone II 500 25 60
Civilian Mining Drone 300 10 60
Harvester Mining Drone 250 30 60

Notice how Harvester Mining Drones are slow despite their greater yield. This means that by the time they arrive at your ship to drop off the ore, your Mining Drone I/II would already be mid-cycle. The Harvester Drones are also very expensive, rendering them not worth the cost.


  • Mining drones have no combat capacity, and thus you should only fill your entire drone bay with them if you know you will have combat escorts. Otherwise, you should fit Light Scout Drones to protect yourself from belt rats.
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