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Sentry Drones

Sentry Drones are the Sniping drones of the Eve Universe. They typically can reach ranges over 50km, and deal more DPS than Heavy Attack Drones. Because of these benefits, they have some notable downsides.

First off, they cannot move, and once launched from your drone bay, will sit stationary. Also, their tracking speed is terrible; they are only good at hitting distant or large targets.

More information on drones can be found at Drones.


There are variants for each damage type, with Tech 2 upgrades for each. Their stats before skills are accounted for are listed below:

Name Damage Type DPS Optimal(+Falloff)(km) Tracking(rad/s) Volume(m³) Req Skills
Bouncer I Explosive 17.5 40(+35) 0.01 25 Sentry Drone Interfacting I
Curator I EM 16.25 30(+10) 0.016
Warden I Kinetic 15 50(+25) 0.01
Garde I Thermal 20 20(+10) 0.03
Bouncer II Explosive 21 48(+42) 0.012 Sentry Drone Interfacing V
Curator II EM 19.5 42(+24) 0.024
Warden II Kinetic 18 60(+30) 0.012
Garde II Thermal 24 24(+12) 0.036
Republic Fleet Bouncer Explosive 24 36(+54) 0.02016 Sentry Drone Interfacing I
Imperial Navy Curator EM 25.5 42(+12) 0.02898
Caldari Navy Warden Kinetic 22.5 60(+42) 0.0126
Federation Navy Garde Thermal 27.25 24(+18) 0.0378


  • Because Sentry Drones cannot move, their use should be limited to large Remote Repair Battleship fleets, or dropped from Carriers and Dreadnaughts to deal with other similarly sized targets.
  • If you drift out of range, you have to fly your ship back to within 2500m of Sentry Drones to recall them.
  • Sentry drones are great for gatecamps; you know exactly where your enemies will appear and can position them at proper optimals to deal great damage.
  • Sentry drones are the only type of Drones that have a ship Rig Slot that gives them extra damage. For this reason, carrier pilots who can launch 10 Sentry Drones at a time can do a very high amount of DPS purely from drones alone.
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