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ESS Policy

§1 Main Bank

  1. If you want to ensure a payout, protect the ESS until the automatic payout happens
  2. Do not steal from blues

§2 Reserve Bank

  1. The Reserve Keys sites are a Free-For-All for TEST Members to access and run.
    1. Taking isk from allied reserve banks will result in you paying the isk value removed.
    2. You ARE NOT entitled to keep the cost of the key you used.
  2. The ISK in the reserve banks are not any particular individual's or corp's property
  3. Claim to an ESS grid while a Reserve Bank is paying out is determined by the use of the Reserve Bank Key. The person who spends the Key on the Reserve Bank has sole and complete discretion on who may or may not be on grid while the Reserve Bank is paying out.

§3 Additional Rules

  1. These policies do not give any right to use any offensive module on
    1. another alliance member
    2. or blue.
  2. If someone steals from your key activation, your only recourse is in the Diplo Office in Alliance Discord.

Protip: Due to this, it is strongly recommended that you have Shadowplay or its equivalent (OBS) running while accessing a Reserve Bank.

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