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Ice Mining Policy

Spirit of these Rules

The spirit of the rules within this page are to provide a system where rocks are available to all time zones, enable fair ways to make ISK, and prevent cherry-picking. If you interpret these rules in any other way, and attempt to rules lawyer, you will likely be subject to commissar.

These rules only apply to ice belts within our SOV

§1 Ice Mining Rules & Guidelines

  1. Don't be a dick.
  2. The first person to begin mining an iceberg gets that iceberg
  3. You may not double up on icebergs being mined by another player without their permission until the ice belt is out of free icebergs.
  4. If you are using multiple subcap miners you must focus fire on one iceberg at a time in groups of up to 10 barges before mining an additional iceberg.
    • If you are ice mining with a fleet of alts in 22 barges you may split these across up to 3 icebergs 10 each on 2 icebergs and 2 on a final iceberg.
    • If you are ice mining with a fleet of alts in 4 barges, all 4 barges must focus on one iceberg.
    • You CANNOT mine one iceberg per toon you have in the belt.
  5. Your ice mining drones must be focused on the iceberg you are mining
  6. When reporting violations, also take a tactical view screenshot covering the whole ice belt from the upside that includes your overview.
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