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Sovereignty and Moons

Since this tends to be the topic of debate once every 6 weeks or so, fuck it, its worth putting into words just so everyone can be on the same page for once.

Sov = Moon Rights

That being said, it needs clarification.

If an alliance holds a system's TCU, they have all rights to all moons in that system. They can most certainly allow other alliances to use the moons in said system, but they need to be consulted prior to anchoring a refinery or a tower from an outside alliance. This will be done on your behalf by alliance diplomats; do not contact them yourself, but contact TEST Diplomats.

example: X holds the system. Y would like to put a staging/midpoint refinery or tower there for whatever reason. Y's alliance diplomat needs to talk to X prior to Y anchoring their refinery or tower.

§1 Moon and Rules

  1. Moon preference rights are leased on a system to system basis.
  2. The corporation currently leasing the rights to the system has a first pick on what moons they want to mine.
  3. As an individual, you can mine any unused moon in any TEST-controlled system, no matter what corporation is currently leasing the rights to the system.
  4. The alliance reserves the right to request that any tower is taken down or refinery transferred.
  5. The corporation currently leasing the system has the right to request that you take your tower down or transfer the refinery.

With this in mind, we recommend that before you anchor any structure over a moon, you find out who is currently leasing the system, and confirm with them that it's okay for you to set up shop.

You don't want to spend 6 hours setting up a reaction tower just to find out a week later that you have to take it down.

§2 "Gold Rush" Rules

Sometimes, usually during wartime periods, regions and areas are put into a “Gold Rush” state. Moons in this state operate under a different set of rules. These following rules only apply to moons in regions and areas that are currently in Gold Rush status.

  1. Corporations may claim moons by anchoring a refinery on a moon.
  2. Corporations may dictate who may or may not mine moons they have claimed.
  3. By default, individuals may only mine moons their corporation has claimed via refinery.
  4. Moons not being utilized may be reallocated to ensure use.

§3 Moon Disputes

The appropriate course of action to take if a you need a moon for a legitimate purpose (ie, not just squatting on the moon because you don’t like to see another Corp sitting there) is to approach the Diplomatic Team. The diplomat will initiate a discussion with the Alliance or Corp in question and a solution will be found.

*This has the TEST Alliance Logistics seal of approval.

Moon mining falls to the Moon Policy.

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