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Moon Policy

Term History

  1. Term 3 bidding start date 2017-12-15, the term beginning 2018-01-01
  2. Term 4 bidding start date 2018-03-15, the term beginning 2018-04-01
  3. Term 5 bidding start date 2018-07-15, the term beginning 2018-08-01
  4. Term 6 bidding start date 2018-12-19, the term beginning 2019-01-01
  5. Term 7 bidding start date 2019-05-17, the term beginning 2019-06-01
  6. Term 8 bidding start date 2019-10-03, the term beginning 2019-11-01
  7. Term 9 bidding start date 2020-03-??, the term beginning 2020-04-01

Guide Lines

  1. The alliance will continue auctioning off moon leases to its member corps.
    1. Similar to current moon allocation rules, this allows larger or wealthier corps to take larger numbers of moons to sustain their activities.
    2. Test needs a stable income, but we also want member corps and individuals to become wealthy, for the benefit of the alliance.
    3. Corps winning moon(s) have exclusive rights to mine them, however they wish to change that policy is left to that specific corp's leadership. The corp ledger shows who/which corp mined exactly how much of what in the spawned field, solving any diplo incidents.
  2. Moons will be auctioned off in the following ways
    1. individually: any uncommon(r16), rare(r32), exceptional(r64)
    2. per system: any moon NOT in individual auctions will be a single bid per solar system.
    3. This means that the “per system” bids do NOT include the individually auctioned valuable moons also appearing in the auction.
      1. This should encourage local use of systems and simpler logistics. It also allows the easier-to-get-to moons to be bid on at higher prices.
      2. This is to ensure that if a corp wants exclusive rights to non-individually auctioned moons in a specific system(s) where they have local production facilities, they can bid for those rights, again, not including other individually auctioned moons in the same system.
      3. Example: Pretend System has 5 moons, 2x r64, and 3 other (2x r4, 1x r8), there would be 3 auctions (1 r64, 1 r64, 1x system bid. The winner of the system bidding get exclusive rights to the other moons, not the 2 r64s, (unless they bid on, and won, those separately).
  3. Moons will be purchased for a Term
    1. Lease terms are 5 months at a time. The alliance reserves the right to change this in the future. Auctions will happen during the month before the next term, with consideration for the time it takes to transfer the structure(s). Please bear in mind timing of extractions with length of terms.
  4. Monopolies
    1. Monopolies are a concern of leadership and corps alike. There will be antitrust restrictions put in place if this looks like it will become a problem, including absolute or relative upper limits on:
      1. Too many systems
      2. Too much projected ISK revenue
      3. Too many moons with a particular moon material
      4. Too many moons in total
  5. Member corps may place bids. (changed term 4, only TEST member corps may bid)
    1. Only Member corps may place bids and own moons. If you wish to sublet to member PACs, that is between the owning corp and them. The drilling platforms must be owned by a TEST member corp.
    2. If, after these 2 auction rounds there still exist system(s)/moon(s) unclaimed, with *twice* the min bid for each moon being added to your monthly cost - please bid for any moons you wish to own during the auction.
    3. Beyond that, you may re-lease (“sublet”) your moons to other corps/PACs, for compensation or not. Total compensation for a system may not exceed your bid value. Compensation in forms other than liquid ISK will be evaluated by alliance leadership (diplodir and/or logidir and/or executor). (term 4 tweak)
  6. At no point will we allow moons to be claimed outside of TEST.
    1. A claimed moon means a moon with refineries placed on it.
    2. Unclaimed moon in a leased system during a Term may be claimed by any TEST but such a moon must be transferred within 48 hours of a request to do so by leadership, diplos, logi, or the lessee if the lessee intends to sublet it or claim it themselves. (changed term 4, only TEST member corps)
  7. New TEST Corporations
    1. New corps / probation corps probably won’t be an issue given the length of each Term, but budding member corps may be treated as PACs for the purpose of this program.
  8. Bidding rules
    1. Initial bidding rates and moon scans can be referenced at the end of this document.
    2. Bids are openly recorded and viewable during the auction proceedings. You will be able to see who has bid, when, and how much, for every bid and moon; in addition, we will of course show you full moon material surveys for each system we offer.
    3. You are bidding on the monthly rate of exclusive moon rights on the moon(s)/systems(s). You will be held to this bid for the entirety of the Term, which spans multiple months.
    4. There will be a period of at least 72 hours where bidding is open for all applicable moons.
    5. Your minimum bid must be higher than the current highest valid bid amount by at least 5 million isk, or 5% to prevent “0.01 ISKing”. (see changes below)
    6. The previous bidders for a given moon may continue bidding as long as there is a valid bid by anyone within the previous 24 hours for that system, even after the primary auction closes. The minimum raise rule above applies. A valid bid during this window refreshes the 24 hour window, even if it encroaches into the term. This is to prevent “bid sniping” at the last second, and offer a fair chance to our members in various time zones. (term 4 update)
      1. Clarification: only those who bid during the sniper period (including the previous bidders within the last length of time before sniper began) may bid during sniper period. What this basically means is that if sniper period was 24h, any bidder within the last 24h before the sniper began as well as a possible singular bidder before that may bid during sniper period. (term 4 update)
        1. If Alice bids day 1, and Bob bids on day 8, 5 seconds before the auction ends - thus beginning a sniper period, they both are considered valid bidders for the first sniper period.
        2. If Alice and Bob bid on day 1, and then Alice outbids on day 2, and Courtney bids on day 8 - only Alice and Courtney could bid during sniper period.
  9. Payment rules
    1. Payment is due before the first of the month, every month. The amount due is the bid amount to Upvote, please include corp ticker and month in reason field if not from your corp directly. (term 4 added to Upvote)
    2. The alliance doesn’t like owing people money, so you may not prepay extra, e.g. paying for all months in the term at the start of the term.
    3. Don’t expect refunds, even if we cancel this program or abandon certain systems.
  10. Change-of-hands rules
    1. Winning corp is expected to contact the previous owner once the auction has resolved. Corporations will be expected to transfer moons within 48 hours of requested transfer by winning corp no earlier than 48 hours before term start date. Payment of structures is expected within 48 hours of citadel transfer.
    2. Knowing when the next term is coming means you should adjust your extraction period to be the minimal period entering into the new term – ie you should set it at 7 days ending on/near the term date.
    3. Structures on the moons should be given reasonable compensation for the transfer of the existing structure and it's fit (including reasonable rigs/fuel). Prices set by alliance at start of auction. Prices listed here
    4. Failure to transfer within requested time frame will result in a fine, equal to 200% of the moons daily value, payable to that corp, prorated by day.
      1. Extreme cases (e.g. with many infringing drilling platforms) will be dealt with case-by-case, and may result in expulsion from the program or the alliance.
  11. Market crashing
    1. Should there be any MAJOR fluctuations in the goo market due to a mechanics change, patch, etc, you may make your case to to have your payment lowered, Please contact Dran Arcana to start that process if needed.

Alliance Centric

This entire program is an experiment, not just in economics and corp dynamics, but also in attitude and loyalty. This program is to benefit the alliance in the long term, and that includes benefiting corps in the medium term. Historically, the alliance has owned, maintained, and controlled structures and income streams with almost absolute authority; if this trial fails because corps cannot demonstrate maturity, show loyalty beyond their own group, or refrain from causing petty drama, we will have to close this program and find an alternative that is not so conducive to corp autonomy. Please, prove to us that you are worth the effort leadership has put into this program and this alliance over the years. Let’s usher in a new era of stability for Test, together, as more than the sum of our constituent corps.

As this is a project for the alliance, the alliance’s interests will be held above a corp’s when deciding whether to defend a moon and how. We will protect alliance assets with reasonable discretion, as we have always done.

Corps should note that they can still make reasonably solid profit with bids if they react the material they mine. The alliance would like to encourage large-scale local reactions like this as part of our local industrial initiatives, and discourage exporting of the finished product if we can use it here, locally in null sec.

To protect corp and alliance assets and prevent an enemy from easily gaining a foothold in our space, the alliance may mandate that these structures follow certain rules regarding vuln timers and fittings. rules apply to moon structures as well.

Initial starting bids

Flat rates - no taxes levied on any claimed moons in any auction:

  • exceptional(r64) - 200m
  • rare(r32) - 50m
  • uncommon(r16) - 10m
  • System rights - 1m per moon (not counting any individually auctioned moons in those systems)

Non-TEST Space Moons

Clarification - of non-TEST space (NPC, non-legacy/non-blue/renter sov) - (mainly NPC (Stain, Curse, Great Wildlands), and lowsec, and elsewhere) – moons there are FFA, the alliance (as a whole) is unlikely to attempt to defend these, but if a corp wishes to stake claims and decide to mine/defend it themselves, more power to them. No taxes on any of these.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the Diplomatic Team (diplo-office on discord) for conflict resolution.

Moon Scans

Citadel Price History

Optional: reasonable fuel at jita buy/sell split + weapons, other services etc at buy/sell split

  • Term 3: Athanor 870 + drill 160 = 1030 + (optional t1 stability/efficiency rigs) 690m each
  • Term 4: Athanor 900 + drill 160 = 1060 + (optional t1 stability/efficiency rigs) 930m each
  • Term 5: Athanor 830 + drill 150 = 980 + (optional t1 stability/efficiency rigs) 785m each
  • Term 6: Athanor 772 + drill 150 = 922 + (optional t1 stability/efficiency rigs) 785m each
  • Term 7: Athanor 690 + drill 130 = 820 + (optional t1 stability/efficiency rigs) 750m each
  • Term 8: Athanor 760 + drill 110 = 870 + (optional t1 stability/efficiency rigs) 740m each

Term 5 rule changes:

The only change from term 4 was min bid increments are now 2m / 2%.

Term 7 rule changes:

Bid increments are now 5m / 5% increasing by 1m / 1% every day of the sniper period. Sniper rules now work as intended above.

Term 8 rule changes:

  • Previously: You are expected to transfer your moons (structure refinery) as soon as you believe you will not win those moons.
  • New: Winning corp is expected to contact the previous owner once the auction has resolved. Corporations will be expected to transfer moons within 48 hours of requested transfer by winning corp no earlier than 48 hours before term start date. Payment of structures is expected within 48 hours of citadel transfer.
  • Previously: Failure to transfer by the time the Term starts will result in a fine, equal to 200% of the winning corp’s bid, payable to that corp, prorated by day.
  • New: Failure to transfer within requested time frame will result in a fine, equal to 200% of the moons daily value, payable to that corp, prorated by day.

Citadel Prices

This will be updated at the start of each term to reflect the Jita Buy Value of the citadels/drill/core.

Athanor 650 + Drill 110 + Core 700 = 1460m each.

Refer to the TEST forum post which announced the Moon bidding period, for the updated pricing for the term.

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