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Jump Drive


A Jump Drive is a built-in system for Capital Ships, Black Ops Battleships, and Jump Freighters. It is an important system aboard these ships that allows them to move between systems without the use of Stargates. The Jump Drive allows Capital Ships to move directly between star systems, so it is possible to cover distances that would require a great number of jumps through the Stargate network to be covered in one or two activations of the Jump Drive. To use the Jump drive one must have either an active Cynosural Generator Array or an active Cynosural Field to jump to

This built-in system is not to be confused with the Jump Portal Generator module that can only be installed on Titans, or the Covert Jump Portal Generator for Black Ops Battleships.

Capacitor Requirements

There are a few limitations to Jump Drive technology, the first being that it requires a great amount of energy to make a jump. This energy is drawn from the ships Capacitor, and is between 95-71.5% of the ships total Capacitor capacity (Typically pilots assume 75%). Capital Ships are severely drained in capacitor in the few moments after making a jump due to this mass consumption of capacitor, making Capacitor Transfers on Carriers and Super Carriers or capacitor recharging modules (primarily Cap Recharger and Capacitor Power Relay) very useful to ships moving about.

Fuel Requirements

The second limitation of the Jump Drive is that they require a certain fuel type to activate their jump drive. Since each Race's jump drive design is different, each requires a different fuel type.

  • Amarr Ships require Helium Isotopes
  • Caldari Ships require Nitrogen Isotopes
  • Gallente Ships require Oxygen Isotopes
  • Minmatar Ships require Hydrogen Isotopes
  • ORE Ships require Oxygen Isotopes

Fuel requirements can be reduced by training the Jump Fuel Conservation skill.

Isotopes can be refined from ice-ores found in different areas of space, or simply bought off the market (listed under * Manufacture & Research → Ice Products)

Range Limitations

Current Jump Drive technology in EVE has a limited range. The fuel requirement for a jump is proportional to the distance the ship is traveling (measured in Light Years, shortened to ly). In other words, the further you jump, the more ISK it costs. (Fuel usage can be reduced by the Jump Fuel Conservation skill, therefore reducing costs)

Different ship classes have different jump ranges with Carriers having the longest range, Black Ops Battleships and Titans the shortest. Jump range can be increased by the pilots Jump Drive Calibration skill, to a maximum of 2.25 times the base value at skill Level V. Training Jump Drive Calibration to Level V is seen as extremely useful and valuable, as coverage grows exponentially as radius increases. Training from IV to V is not as vital for Carrier pilots, especially those who are working with Dreadnoughts, as Carriers have the longest jump range even at Jump Drive Calibration IV.

Security Status Limitations

Jump capable ships are normally only able to operate in low security (0.4-0.1) or 0.0 space. This is because CONCORD does not allow the use of a Cynosural Field Generator (see below) in systems of 0.5 security or higher, effectively keeping them out of empire space. The exception are Jump Freighters and Black Ops Battleships as they may use gates.

There are a few pilots found in High Security space with Carriers and Dreadnoughts as, in the distant past, the two types of ship could be built in High Security Stations, though this was later patched out. These ships have special rules handed down upon them, they are not allowed to so little as fit an offensive module, and cannot take part in any activities involving combat. If the pilot breaks these rules, they are temporarily banned and their High Security Capital Ships are moved to a random Low Security station.

Appropriate Skills

  • Jump Drive Operation
    • Reduces the capacitor need for initiating jump by 5% per level. Required at Level I for use of Dreadnoughts and the Rorqual. Required at Level III for injecting Jump Fuel Convervastion and Jump Drive Calibration and Jump Portal Generation are injectable at Level V.
  • Jump Drive Calibration
    • Increases jump range by 25% per level. Commonly abbreviated to JDC, this skill is required at Level I to use Jump Freighters, Level III for using Carriers and level IV for use of Black Ops ships. (Note that this gives Black Ops battleships a minimum jump range of 7 light years, which can only be increased to 7.86.)
  • Jump Fuel Conservation
    • Reduces fuel consumed as a result of jumping to Cynosural Fields by 10% per level, per light year traveled. Overtime, this can save a huge amount of ISK, as jump fuel costs can be reduced, up to half as a result of the 50% reduction at Level V.

How To Jump

  2. Plan your route. Remember to set midpoints that are within jump range for your ship.
  3. Make sure that you ship has enough fuel in the Fuel Bay to make the jump, also ensure you're using the correct fuel type for your ship. Each faction's Capitals use a different fuel types!
  4. Place alts to either light Cynosural Beacons or scout Cynosural Beacons prior to jumping into system.
  5. Did you read the Capital Paranoia page?
  6. Get your Capital Ship pilot and / scout characters all in the same fleet.
  7. Light Cynosural Field Generator, broadcast beacon to fleet
    • Optional tip
      • Bind a key to Broadcast
      • Jump to Beacon
  8. Right click either the Cynosural Beacon in your capital navigation window or the Cynosural Beacon broadcast in your fleet window and choose Jump to <object>. If you happen to join a fleet after a cyno is lit just ask the person who lit it to rebroadcast the Cynosural Beacon and you will be able to jump to it. You can also right-click on your capacitor and navigate to the Jump To sub-menu, which shows all Cynosural Fields that your capital is in range to jump to. Ensure you're jumping to the right person and system!
  9. Upon loading the destination system take note that you have a 10 second session timer which will prevent you from docking. Though your ship is visible 'it is invulnerable' as long as you do not activate a module or start moving in any direction. You can press Ctrl and Space at the same time if you screwed up your Cynosural Beacon's placement on a station, and caused your ship to bounce off the station's model, without affecting the temporary invulnerability.
  10. Make sure to check your fuel bay once more before undocking, lest you don't have enough of your ship's appropriate fuel type.
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