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Cynosural Field Generators


A Cynosural Generator Array (or Cyno Array for short) is a Player Owned Starbase (POS) module which allows any jump-capable ship to jump directly to it as long as it is online. Think of it as a permanent cynosural field. In order to anchor a Cyno Array the owner corporation must hold Sovereignty in the solar system and the solar system's Strategic Index must be greater than or equal to two (2).

Jumping to a Cyno Array



  • A jump-capable ship such as a Black Ops, Carrier, Dreadnought, Mothership, Jump Freighter, Rorqual or Titan
  • An online Cyno Array within jump range which is owned either by your corporation or alliance
  • Sufficient fuel to complete the jump
  • Sufficient capacitor power (71%) to initiate the jump


  • Verify the range and amount of fuel required to jump to the desired Cyno Array
  • Get Intel on the destination system. Be extremely wary of jumping to unscouted Cyno Arrays, especially with fragile ships such as Jump Freighters or Rorquals. In fact just don't do it. Here's a good reason why not: here
  • Allow your session timer (e.g. from undocking) to expire.
  • Open the Capital Navigation window, right-click the solar system that you want to jump to.
  • Remember your 10s post-jump session timer.

Current Cynosural Generators

The full list can be found on the Cyno Generator List page.

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