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A freighter class vessel is a very large transport ship. Freighters are very expensive (From the production alliances, usually being just under a billion ISK) and very slow, but are capable of hauling immense amounts of cargo, as much as 150 times that of a regular industrial ship. Freighters are as large and slow as capital ships, but they are not capital ships, and require comparatively modest skills to fly, chiefly racial Industrial V and Advanced Spaceship Command I.

Due to their cost and vulnerability, not to mention the potentially staggering value of their cargo, freighters are much more frequently seen in empire. Their T2 variant, Jump Freighters, are an essential 0.0 logistical tool.

Jump freighters are T2 freighters capable of avoiding gatecamps by using their internal jump engines (not to be confused with warp engines). Very useful to the alliance and for anyone looking to import supplies (while making alot of isk in the process). However, they are quite costly.

Both freighters are the only capitals that are legal in highsec, in addition to the Orca.


Type Amarr Caldari Gallente Minmatar ORE
Tech I Providence Charon Obelisk Fenrir Bowhead
Tech II Ark Rhea Anshar Nomad
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