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Cynosural Field


Cynosure (say “SIGH no sure”) is a little-used word. It means a guide, or a person or thing that draws attention towards itself. It was once the name of the North Star, making it a very appropriate name to give to the cynosural fields of New Eden.

In order to jump, a jump drive must first lock onto a cynosural field, or “cyno”, at its destination. These fields can be produced either by the Cynosural Field Generator modules, or the Cynosural Generator Array, which can be anchored at a POS. The module can only generate a cynosural field in systems with a security of 0.4 or below (low-sec or null-sec), and the array can only be anchored in sovereign nullsec. It is also impossible to produce a cynosural field in wormhole space.

The Field Generator module requires the Skill.png Cynosural Field Theory skill to operate. For a ship to activate the module, it must have 500 units (200 m3) of liquid ozone in its cargohold, which is consumed when the module is activated. The amount of fuel required to “light a cyno” is reduced by 10% for every level of Skill.png Cynosural Field Theory the user has. The cynosural field stays active for 10 minutes, during which time the ship generating the field is unable to move, dock, or eject its pilot. (Other systems still work as normal.) It's dangerous enough to be immobile in lowsec, but it gets worse: when the cyno is active, it appears on the system overview, so that anybody in the system can warp to its location. It also appears on the universe map. As a result, most ships that light a cyno are expendable frigates. The Tech 2 Force Recon cruisers get an 80% reduction to the cost of lighting a cyno, and are only rendered immobile for 5 minutes, but they're expensive ships for lighting a cyno.

The cynosural field generated by the Cynosural Generator Array is always active. The array must be anchored at a starbase by a member of the alliance that has claimed sovereignty over the system, and has also installed the Cynosural Navigation upgrade.

Once the cyno is lit, a capital ship in the same fleet as the ship lighting it (or in the same alliance, in the case of the array) can right-click on the pilot lighting the cyno and select “Jump” to jump to the field.


  • A cynosural field lasts ten (10) minutes when lit by all ships except for Force Recons in which case the cynosural field's duration is halved to five (5) minutes.
  • As long as the cyno field is active the ship which is creating it cannot move, dock or jump.
  • The Cynosural Field Theory skill is required in order to fit the Cynosural Field Generator module. Each level of training in this skill reduces the consumption of Liquid Ozone by 50 units.
  • A cynosural field is visible on the Overview for anyone in the solar system and can be warped to just like a planet or moon.

Liquid Ozone Consumption for Cyno (non Force Recon)

An example of the Liquid Ozone consumption and cargospace required for lighting a cyno using a Cynosural Field Generator I in a non-Recon ship, such as a Probe, based on the level you have trained your Cynosural Field Theory skill to:

  1. Requires 450 LO which takes up 180 m3 in cargo space
  2. Requires 400 LO which takes up 160 m3 in cargo space
  3. Requires 350 LO which takes up 140 m3 in cargo space
  4. Requires 300 LO which takes up 120 m3 in cargo space
  5. Requires 250 LO which takes up 100 m3 in cargo space

Liquid Ozone Consumption for Cyno (Force Recon)

Force Recon ships (Pilgrim, Falcon, Arazu, Rapier) received an 80% reduction in fuel requirements for lighting cynos.

The 80% reduction for force recon ships gives the following Liquid Ozone consumption and cargo space required for lighting a cyno based on the level you have trained your Cynosural Field Theory skill to:

  1. Requires 90 LO which takes up 36 m3 in cargo space
  2. Requires 80 LO which takes up 32 m3 in cargo space
  3. Requires 70 LO which takes up 28 m3 in cargo space
  4. Requires 60 LO which takes up 24 m3 in cargo space
  5. Requires 50 LO which takes up 20 m3 in cargo space

How To Light A Cyno

To light a regular cyno (non covert) you just need a ship with a Cynosural Field Generator I fitted in a high slot and a quantity of Liquid Ozone in your cargohold that matches your Cynosural Field Theory skill level (see above).

When lighting a cyno in a non-Force Recon ship, you cannot move for 10 minutes while the cyno cycle completes, so you're basically a sitting duck if someone comes along to kill you. You may also not light a cyno field while moving at speeds greater than 500m/s. That's why cynos are often lit by cheap frigates with nothing but a cyno field generator in the high slot and some LO in the cargohold.

Cyno Alt

For different types of Cyno Alts check out this page

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