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Can refer to a variety of ships, but typically refers to the Tech 1 industrial ships. They are slow and relatively defenseless, but have large cargo holds, which make them ideal for transporting loot/minerals around.

Tech 1

Tech 1 industrials have a decent amount of cargohold but are prone to ganking since they are slow and relatively defenseless. Flying these in low/null sec makes one a priority target; suicide ganking is also common in highsec aimed at pilots carrying expensive loot within their cargoholds.

Type Amarr Caldari Gallente Minmatar ORE
Cargo (Speed) Bestower Tayra Iteron Mark V Mammoth -
Cargo (Inertia) Sigil Badger Nereus Wreathe -
Planetary Interation - - Epithal - -
Minerals - - Kryos - -
Ores - - Miasmos - -
Ammo - - - Hoarder -
Salvage - - - - Noctis

Tech 2

Tech 2 Industrials serve specialized roles. Deep Space Transports (DSTs) are slow but have good tank and +2 warp core strength. Blockade Runners have reduced cargo carrying capacity but are faster and can fit a covert ops cloaking device on top of being immune to cargo scanners.

Type Amarr Caldari Gallente Minmatar
Deep Space Transports Impel Bustard Occator Mastodon
Blockade Runners Prorator Crane Viator Prowler

Special Edition

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