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Miasmos Quafe Ultramarine Edition

The Miasmos (originally Iteron Mark IV) Quafe Ultramarine Edition was commissioned by the Quafe Corporation as a vessel for highly focused distribution of Quafe to a demanding clientele in the New Eden cluster.

To this end, the ship has been made more agile, given a faster warp engine and fitted with an upgraded cargohold that can carry vast amounts of Quafe. In addition, its controls have been simplified so that new pilots can more easily meet the strict delivery conditions of prospective buyers. A number of sealed vats were added after the ship was rebranded as the Miasmos, but Quafe has demanded that those be accessed solely by corporate representatives, and not by crew nor capsuleer.

While the Quafe Corporation has firmly denied making any alterations to its lucrative formula, and insists that the Miasmos Quafe Ultramarine Edition does not have special dispensation to carry a supercaffeinated version of the famous drink, it is notable that this model has been fitted with extra security mechanisms to prevent any and all crew from sampling its cargo.

While there are persistent rumors of storage crew personnel tasting the cargo and subsequently staying awake for days on end, grinding their teeth and yelling at each other, these have never been conclusively proven, although the Quafe Corporation does reportedly undertake all medical costs for any crewmember serving more than 72 consecutive hours onboard the Miasmos Quafe Ultramarine Edition.


When the Odyssey expansion converted the Iteron Mark IV into the modern ore-hauling Miasmos, these special edition ships had their generic cargo hold grandfathered in and not converted to ore-specific holds.

Gallente Industrial bonuses (per skill level):

  • 10% bonus to ship cargo capacity
  • 5% bonus to ship max velocity

Role Bonus:

  • 90% reduction to effective distance traveled for jump fatigue


  • Gallente Industrial I
    • Spaceship Command III
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