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The Bestower is a great hauler, and the best hauler you can get at racial industrial I. It holds more cargo than any other hauler up to racial industrial IV, where it is overshadowed by the Mammoth.

It should be noted that the Bestower aligns like a drunken pig. However, if you need a fast-aligning industrial and you can fly a Bestower, you can also fly the Sigil, which is the most agile industrial in the game.

Basically, Amarr Industrial I is a good skill to have if you need to do some part-time space trucking.

Required skills

  • Amarr Industrial I
    • Spaceship Command III

Ship Description

The Bestower has for decades been used by the Empire as a slave transport, shipping human labor between cultivated planets in Imperial space. As a proof to how reliable this class has been through the years, the Emperor has used an upgraded version of this very same class as transports for the Imperial Treasury. The Bestower has very thick armor and large cargo space.


Amarr Industrial Skill Bonuses (Per Skill Level):
5% bonus to ship cargo capacity
5% bonus to ship max velocity

Role Bonus:
90% reduction to effective distance traveled for jump fatigue

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