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Previously known as the Iteron Mark I, the Nereus was re-branded as it's own industrial hauler, but where the Nereus truly shines is in being an effective PVP bait hauler.

Required skills

  • Gallente Industrial I
    • Spaceship Command III

Ship Description

Originally set to sail under the guise of “Iteron”, this new iteration of an old stalwart is fast and reliable. It is equally popular among civilians and militaries due to its low price and ability to be fitted in myriad different ways. Despite its speed and resilience, however, it may need to be guarded while in particularly unfriendly territories, which is why it has also been outfitted with a drone bay for extra protection.


Gallente Industrial Skill Bonus (Per Skill Level):
5% bonus to ship cargo capacity
5% bonus to ship inertia modifier

Role Bonus:
90% reduction to effective distance traveled for jump fatigue

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