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Electronic Attack

These tech 2 frigates play support roles - EWAR, energy neuting, tackling, etc.

Type Amarr Caldari Gallente Minmatar
Electronic Attack Tier 1 Sentinel Kitsune Keres Hyena

Helpful Guidelines

Electronic attack frigates (or EAFs) are essentially the frigate-sized brothers of recon ships - they generally receive the same bonuses as the related recons, but at a reduced strength. However, while recon ships are incredibly popular, EAFs are probably the least-used ship class in Eve. The main reason for this is that they're simply very fragile. EAFs don't have the tank of assault frigates or the speed (or more importantly the MicroWarpdrive sig-radius bonus) of interceptors, giving them no real method of staying alive. While their primary EWAR is generally more powerful than on the t1 version and they have more mid slots, EAFs have short locking ranges and their secondary EWAR types are all much shorter ranged, both of which bring them closer to hostile fire.

That said, EAFs do have some very interesting features and can be quite effective - whether that effectiveness is enough to justify the price tag is for you to decide, but most of eve seems to think not.

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