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Electronic attack ships are mobile, resilient electronic warfare platforms. Although well suited to a variety of situations, they really come into their own in skirmish and fleet encounters, particularly against larger ships. For anyone wanting to decentralize their fleet's electronic countermeasure capabilities and make them immeasurably harder to counter, few things will serve better than a squadron or two of these little vessels.

Developer: Lai Dai

Lai Dai have always favored a balanced approach to their mix of on-board systems, leading to a line-up of versatile ships but providing very little in terms of tactical specialization.

Helpful Information

The Kitsune is a T2 ECM frigate based on the Griffin . Unlike the Griffin, it has a range bonus to its jammers as well as jam strength, allowing it to operate from further out and make jams more likely to land. Despite these advantages, there is still debate as to whether the Kitsune is really worth it over a Blackbird . The Blackbird has similar jam range, a considerably stronger tank, a longer base targeting range, and is a fifth of the price. The Kitsune also requires at least one targeting range mod in order to jam at a similar range to the Griffin and Blackbird. The Kitsune's main advantages are its speed, agility and fast lock time for getting first jam.


Caldari Frigate Skill Bonuses (Per Skill Level):

  • 20% bonus to ECM Target Jammer strength
  • 10% reduction in ECM Target Jammer activation cost

Electronic Attack Ships Skill Bonuses (Per Skill Level):

  • 15% bonus to ECM Target Jammer optimal range
  • 5% bonus to ship capacitor capacity


  • Caldari Frigate V
    • Spaceship Command I
  • Electronic Attack Ships I
    • Long Range Targeting V
      • CPU Management II
    • Spaceship Command III

Non Reimbursable Fits

What's a Kitsune?

[Kitsune, What's a Kitsune]

Signal Distortion Amplifier II
Signal Distortion Amplifier II

Sensor Booster II, Targeting Range Script
Experimental 1MN Afterburner I
BZ-5 Neutralizing Spatial Destabilizer ECM
BZ-5 Neutralizing Spatial Destabilizer ECM
BZ-5 Neutralizing Spatial Destabilizer ECM

Salvager I
Salvager I
Small Tractor Beam I

Small Particle Dispersion Projector I
Small Ionic Field Projector I

Get 3 of the best named Racial Jammers you can find for what you're going after, aka ask the FC.

A fun little ship for small gang stuff. With Long Distance Jamming IV and Electronic Attack Ships IV you can jam out to 87+46 and lock out to just a bit over 100km. Keep your distance from any hostiles. If anything that can shoot out to reach you locks you up, warp out. This thing is made of papier-maché and your only defense is range + gtfo.

Has the advantage that it's so rarely seen a lot of people don't even know what a Kitsune is and won't immediately recognize you as an ECM ship, unlike a Blackbird that tends to get shot up within 5 seconds of exiting warp.

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