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Joining TEST As A Member

Hello and welcome to TEST!

This is a short How-To guide to applying to one of our Member Corporations.

  1. Look through the below list to find the corporation you would like to apply to. Each corporation lists their primary activities within Eve Online and TEST Alliance in the description link in their name, such as Mining or PVP, so pick one that looks like it will fit your playstyle best.
    • If you are new to the game, we highly recommend you join Dino Nuggets, our official newbro corporation.
  2. Contact the corporation in game, through their recruiting channel listed in the corporation description, and speak with their recruiting officers to ensure that you'll fit in well. Members can play with anyone at any time, however if you are in a corporation that fits your playstyle best, you will have better access to chat channels(either in game channels or out of game, in discord/slack and other chat apps) and thus to the activities that you are interested in.
  3. Once you have discussed your application with a recruiter, follow these steps to apply to the corporation.
    • Go to TEST Auth.
    • Create your account and verify your email address. Never create more than one TEST Auth account.
    • Add your API key (full account wide key) under the EVE API KEYS tab by clicking on the EVE|TEST ALLIANCE button - make sure it's a customizable API key, old style API keys will no longer work.
    • Click on the HR Link on the navigation bar at the top of the Auth page and select “Create an application”.
    • Select the Character you wish to apply with and select the corporation you have chosen and click “Apply”. Having problems? Make sure your API key is set correctly!
    • Click “Submit Application” and it should take you back to a list of your current applications.
    • Drop roles if you have any in your current corporation.
    • Wait for an acceptance letter in Auth(this may take a few days) and in game, then accept the in game invitation to join your new corporation!
  4. Download and install Discord and Mumble. Follow the instructions here to setup Discord, and here to setup Mumble, to ensure that you have access to fleet pings and Voice Communications(comms).
    • IMPORTANT Ensure that your mumble push to talk keys are setup correctly before joining fleets, jump in comms with a corporation member as soon as possible to ensure they are set up correctly.
  5. Go to the TEST Courier Freight Page to get your assets moved to the current home system.

Next, take a look at our New Player Guide for a deeper intro to TEST and EVE, or go to your personalized Skills Plan page to start training into one of our fleet doctrines!

Welcome to TEST, and fly Dangerously!

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