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Fleet Terminology

WTF did he just say?

So you've completed the tutorial and have come out to join your fellow Bortlings, great! When you join up with a fleet and start listening in Mumble a lot of the terms may not make any sense. Between this page, the DeeDeeReddit channel and just asking in Mumble at a appropriate time you should be able to catch on pretty quick.



  • Shut the fuck up right now. It really doesn't matter what you were saying because it is not more important than what the com-breaker has to say.

FC / Fleet Commander

  • The boss, do what he or she says.

What is Local like / Local Check / Local Count

  • The FC uses this term to request a count of hostile pilots in the current system.

X up

  • This is used for several functions, depending on the state of the fleet. While flying with the fleet, the FC may ask questions and ask you to “x up” for certain things, such as “x up if you're a tackler”, “x up with what you're flying”. This means that you type an “x” in fleet chat, if applicable, followed by an answer (x - Maelstrom), if applicable. X'ing can also be used to express interest in joining a fleet, although this is much less common since the introduction of the Fleet Finder.

Put W's in fleet / Give W's / Warp to W's in fleet

  • Used to express a fleet member as a warp in target/or somebody requesting W's from a member. To warp to a fleet member, right click their name > fleet > warp to x.

Anchors / Primary, Secondary, Logi

  • Anchors (mostly FC's and Logi FC's) are the people that control the fleet during combat. Before any op ask for the Anchors in fleet or read the MOTD (Message of the Day) on top of your Fleet chat. When landing on the combat grid either 'approach', 'keep at range' or 'orbit' your Anchor. Protip: to be able to quickly 'Anchor up' add your Anchors to your watchlist.



  • A bubble is an area effect weapon deployed space that prevents ships from warping while inside its boundaries. This makes killing people much easier, as they can't escape until they “burn” out of the bubble.
    • Usage 1: “Dictors warp to wrecks and bubble that battleship blob.”
    • Usage 2: “Burn out of the bubbles, burn out of the bubbles, go go go!”

Bug out / Scatter / Get out / Clear grid

  • Get the fuck out now. Don't care where you go but don't be here. Destination is not important or, “You don't have to go home, but you can't stay here.” or “FUCK! IT'S THE COPS! RUN!” Remember to not warp to moons, where there is probably a deathstar POS waiting to kill you.


  • Point is a general term for targeting an enemy ship and activating a Warp Scramblers(2 pts) or Warp Disruptors(1pt) module on it. This will prevent the enemy ship from warping out and will most likely secure your fleet a kill.
    • Usage (1): “They're bugging out, get points on anything you can!”
    • Usage (2): “Point, Cheburek in a Tempest.”


  • Short for Primary Target this unfortunate ship is the focus of the fleet's firepower and should be a wreck soon. All applicable DPS should be applied onto the Primary unless otherwise specified by the FC.


  • Short for Secondary Target this ship is the alternate target which will be attacked as soon as the Primary is dead.


  • Any ship designed to rapidly close distances and warp scramble enemy ships. This role is crucial for allowing slower ships with more firepower to get in range and do some damage.


  • A Stasis Webifier and its variants. If an enemy ship is caught near a gate or within a bubble the FC will call for webs to prevent it from escaping by either burning out of the bubble or back to the gate, etc. Always make sure your target has a point on them before you web them. Webbing an unpointed ship that is trying to warp out will make it warp sooner.
    • Usage: “That Maelstrom's burning back to the gate, get webs on his ass!”

Combat/logi anchor is XXX

  • You should set keep in range to the dedicated anchor.

Fleet Roles

+1 or -1

  • This refers to a scout(s) that is either ahead of or behind the fleet. EX. “Do we have a scout at +2?” This means someone is asking if there is a scout that is two systems ahead of the fleet, if you hear a -1 or -2, it's just the opposite.

Electronic Warfare (ECM)

  • Ships such as Blackbirds and Scorpions are equipped with powerful modules which can prevent any enemy ship from targeting for a brief period. ECM is considered a force multiplier as one such ship can render multiple enemy ships powerless. There exist other forms of ECM such as Tracking Disruption and Sensor Dampening that impart various debuffs on enemy ships.


  • Logistics are cruiser-sized vessels whose sole purpose is to perform battlefield repairs and/or transfer energy to other ships to keep them in the fight longer. Logistics vessels are specialized in a certain type of repair - Augorors and Exequrors (and their T2 variants) provide armor repair while the Osprey and Scythe (and their T2 variants) provide shield boosting.


  • Scouts are employed to gather intelligence about enemy movements and numbers, provide early warning, and/or position the fleet advantageously on the battlefield. Scouts are usually fast frigates and/or destroyers that can reliably stay ahead of the fleet and quickly escape an unfavorable situation. Interceptors are extremely effective for the scout role due to their immunity to warp disruption bubbles.


  • Ships fitted with long range weaponry and targeting systems are referred to as Snipers and make up the bulk of the fleet in a large engagement. The most common type of sniping ships are battleships and battlecruisers. Effective range for battleships is 150-200km and ⇐100km for battlecruisers.

Tackler/Fast tackle

  • Any ship designed to rapidly close distances and warp scramble enemy ships. This role is crucial for allowing slower ships with more firepower to get in range and do some damage. Tacklers may also carry Stasis Webifiers to slow enemy ships. Ideal ships for fulfilling the scout role include fleet interceptors with a bonus to warp disruption module range, and interdictors that can tackle entire fleets with strategically placed warp disruption bubbles.

Align to X

  • When directed to align an object is designated. Point your ship towards it and move at full speed towards it unless directed otherwise.
    • Usage: “Align to KZFV-4 gate.”

Burn towards X

  • Set your ship's destination to the solar system indicated and proceed to it at best speed. Do not wait for the command to jump at intervening gates. A secondary meaning is to haul ass, especially out of a bubble!
    • Usage (1): “Burn to AZN-D2, hold on the E-PR0S gate, repeat burn to AZN-D2, E-PR0S gate is RED.”
    • Usage (2): “Burn burn burn out of the bubbles towards planet 5. Warp to Ibnaidh @ zero as soon as you clear the bubbles.”

Gate crash

  • After jumping through into a system, the FC decides that returning to the previous system is a good idea (might be extremely outnumbered/attempting to bait their fleet) and have been informed to gate crash.
  • Wait until the order, this is usually done just before you lose your session timer, as soon as the order is given, turn your propulsion module on (afterburner or micro warp drive) and approach the gate and mash jump.
  • You should also turn your hardeners and damage controls on while doing this (probably overheat if you are being targeted).
  • If you are in a SilentMajority fleet and you are told to gate crash, expect to die in a fire.

Gate is Green

  • Jump through the current gate (may also be expressed as “Burn through”)

Gate is Red

  • The specifics are debatable, but just don't fucking use the gate. Examples: “Don't, for the love of god, jump through that gate,” or it could mean “There's a titan sized blob of frigates on the other side.”
  • The FC could be operating a surprise attack on the target, if you jump through - you could ruin the surprise - DO NOT JUMP THROUGH IF THE GATE IS RED.

Jump and Hold Cloak

  • Jump through the current gate, and then DO NOT MOVE. Do not align, do not warp, do nothing until the FC says otherwise.
    • Usage: Jump through the E-PR0S gate and hold your cloak, repeat jump E-PROS and hold cloak.“

Take Fleet Warp

  • The FC will initiate a warp, and your ship will automatically attempt to enter the warp. When you are told to “take” fleet warp, this means you do not stop the ship, and allow your ship to warp. If the FC says “cancel fleet warp” or “don't take warp”, etc., then you should quickly press ctrl+space to stop your ship and not warp. If you are pre-aligned to the destination you and everyone else that was aligned will warp in the same warp tunnel,and arrive at the same time.

Warp to X @ Y

  • When this order is given warp to the pilot or object designated at the distance indicated.
    • Usage: “Warp to Shikubi @ 10km, warp to Shikubi @ 10. If you decloak him you owe him a new Buzzard.”


  • Tack is used instead of dash when referencing systems (e.g. Y TACK 2 for the written Y-2) for clarity.
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