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D20 Squad


After suddenly realizing that people who play eve happen to usually be nerds, and that nerds tend to like Dungeons and Dragons and similar games. The idea of d20 squad was posted and lots of people thought it sounded rather cool, being nerds and all. Thus the squad was made.


D&D and similar games require a certain level of nerd to be willing to play. Unfortunately, some nerds either lack friends, or lack friends nerdy enough to give such a fantastically fun game a try. In TEST, there is no shortage of such people, so rather than doing the crazy thing and going outside and finding people (the sun causes 1d4 non-lethal per round to the average nerd, and many social situations inflict a save-or-paralyzed will save), we can find people within TEST, to either play local games with, or play over the internet using virtual tabletops.


  • Don't be a dick. Seriously, a lot of us really enjoy these types of games, and it only takes one person to ruin one.
  • Make every effort to show up on time to games. If you cannot make it one week, make sure to notify your GM/DM ahead of time.
  • Roleplaying is not an excuse to be a complete asshole. Slight bits of in-character assholery is ok, but going over the top on this is not cool.
  • DO NOT POST LINKS TO ILLEGAL DOWNLOADS ON THE FORUMS. This is an alliance wide rule, you can discuss ways to obtain sourcebooks in private, but the forums is not the proper place for this.


Who We Need:

  • People open and willing to play regular games
  • People willing to run regular games

How To Apply:

Head to the groups section on Auth and join, no application needed. Just click join.

After you join, check the forums to see what games are currently going on.

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