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Welcome to PPD!

Join Perimeters Finest: Keeping Highsec Safe

What is PPD?

PPD is the Perimeter Police Department. We are an organization of loyal and brave pilots dedicated to keeping Perimeter safe by identifying threats as they appear, and organizing fleets to eradicate them. At the request of TEST leadership we form to ensure that our interests are protected and that we as a community continue to thrive and grow.

Why does PPD exist?

Near the end of 2018, TEST executed a push to eliminate the I Choose You (ICY) marketplace from Perimeter and replace it with a TEST KeepStar (the TTT). That marketplace was the home of a large investment group, trading mostly in ingame assets that can be purchased using real money (PLEX, MPTCs, and Skill Extraxtors/Injectors), and it made an extremely large amount of money. With the establishment of the TTT, TEST gained access to the tax revenue of a significant portion of that market. While exact numbers are hard to come by for security reasons, it's safe to say the amount of money TEST earns is huge, and all of it goes to support the SRP program, ship caches, and other TEST-related activities across New Eden.

Once the TTT went live, that same group of investors (backed by Pandemic Horde and Northern Coalition) attempted to place a large number of Market Azbels in the neighborhood with tax rates slightly lower than the TTT to undercut and steal our revenue. This is where PPD came in. It became our mission to locate those structures and declare war as early as possible in order to attack them before they came online. If we were late, we went on the offensive to ensure that they did not stay open for business very long. With the new rules regarding wardecs, corporations and structures, these markets were designed to be the only structure owned by the parent corporation, so TEST couldn't just keep wardecs active indefinitely. PPD was needed to make sure that our space was as clear and safe as we could make it so TEST could continue to pull in the most profit while also denying our enemies the same.

Through our efforts, combined with TEST and our other allies, we were able to maintain our control on the marketplace and force our enemies to the negotiation table in order to propose a new system that would be mutually beneficial to all. In late April of 2019, Legacy, Horde and the Imperium entered an agreement that would split profits from the TTT between all 3 entities in exchange for a mutual cessation of hostilities in the Forge region and a combined effort to once again root out and eliminate small free-held markets attempting to undercut the tax rate of the TTT. Currently, PPD is the TEST enforcement arm of the Perimeter Accords, and we are still very active patrolling the Forge and ensuring market superiority in the region.

What makes PPD different?

The most significant reason that PPD is not your normal SIG is that Alpha alts are highly encouraged to apply. We need pilots willing to search the Forge region for new market structures and report them as early as possible. Rewards are available for those who can report them early enough that we can declare war before they go online. In addition, we have an SRP-supported Typhoon Fleet Issue (TFI) doctrine for alpha pilots, used when we form fleets to reinforce or destroy our targets. This makes it simple for members of TEST to start a new (free) character and join in on the action, or convert a market alt for a new purpose. More doctrines are being discussed for the future as well, so we hope the interest and excitement will continue to grow. PPD also needs Omega alts to perform certain roles, most notably to fly the more advanced versions of fleet ships that we employ. We have a constant need for logi pilots (Nestors), and also have our very own SRP-friendly Leshak doctrine, for those of you who love doing massive damage and want a reason to fly the new shinies. Discussions are also underway regarding the addition of Triglavian logistics ships (Rodiva and Zarmazd) so stay tuned!

What does PPD do?

PPD has 3 major functions:

1) Locate and catalog all trade markets going up in the Jita/Perimeter neighborhood (0-2 jumps from the TTT), the EARLIER THE BETTER. Report findings in the discord channel, or place them here: Azbel Timer List. Rewards are as follows:

  • 500M isk for the first pilot to report a market in time to decide war (under 30 minutes)
  • 100M isk for the first pilot to report a market within the first 4 hours of being anchored

These rewards are available to ALL TEST MEMBERS, however it helps us A LOT if you report it in the PPD discord subchannel so we can act on it quickly. If you don't have that access, please report it in general and ping a member of leadership.

2) Declare war on those corporations.

3) Form fleets to reinforce/destroy those structures when their vulnerability timers become active.

What are the benefits of PPD?

Do you like messing with the enemy directly, and squeezing their profits to a trickle by launching large munitions and massive lasers at buildings in space? How about having a market alt with a side job? Do you ever wish you had more things to do? An occasional break from printing isk in nullsec? Need a few more minutes a month gaining some easy fleet time while joking with your buddies on comms? Maybe you want the chance to do something useful and contribute to society for once in your life. Maybe you live in a weird timezone or work odd hours and need a way to fly in a fleet at all hours of the day.

Well boy howdy do we have the SIG for you! For all these reasons and more, you should consider a career with PPD.

Can I become a member of the PPD?

Yes you can! We need all sorts of pilots for the various missions assigned to us. As our membership grows, we will be able to expand our operations, increasing the amount and types of ships, fleets, and activities entrusted to our corporation. With recent changes to neutral logi/links, we need people directly in PPD if we want those benefits, since we're not in TEST proper and can't rely on their assistance in the future.

How do I become a member of PPD?

The steps are simple:

1) Create or select an alt you wish to join PPD

2) Ensure that their information has been enetered into your Auth profile

3) Go to and request admission to “Perimeter Police Department” under the “Military” section

4) Once you are accepted, you will have access to the PPD discord subchannel and can then apply in-game

PPD ship doctrine:


PPD Leshak

TEST Highsec Nestor

Other ships used will simply be standard TEST ships as the roles are needed (links, scouts, tackle, etc.) and can be found here: Perimeter Police Fleet

PPD skill plans:

Currently, only one skill pack exists for the PPD TFI Alpha Alt on the website. However, for Leshak and Nestor pilots, a list of the skills not outlined in the basic 30- and 120-day plans are included on the doctrine pages listed above.

Real Talk:

We're a small SIG that makes sure TEST makes money and tries to keep small highsec corps from eating into that profit. We're the big dog in the Perimeter yard now, but the little dogs can still get fed and make trouble for us, so we do what we can to make their lives hell. With the ability to form enough DPS to hit uncontested timers (or even form a good enough fleet to shake off light resistance) we won't have to call our allies from the Perimeter Accords for backup, and they won't have to call us. We want to expand operations, make life better and easier for everyone, and that starts with supporting this SIG if possible. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask around in TEST Discord, we'd be happy to help.

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