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Prometheus Squad

Prometheus Squad is dedicated to scanning wormhole routes so that we can get fights, at any time and anywhere.

The squad is friendly to both newbros and veterans. Prometheus skill pack at has required levels set at the minimum required to join the squad, and recommended at the levels for those who strive for perfection, probably on an alt, while those scanning on main might wish to stop somewhere in between yellow and green.

The requirements to get in are one of the following:

  1. Have the skill plan at yellow, should be around a week of training for a total newbro. You can have any racial frigate instead of Caldari Frigate. (PUT A LINK TO THE SKILL PLAN FOR A VALID CHARACTER IN YOUR APPLICATION)
  2. Be a skirmish FC or higher, although if you are you probably satisfy 1. as well
  3. Someone important tells us you have to get in even if you don't satisfy 1. or 2.

The auth group is unsurprisingly called Prometheus Squad. Membership grants access to squad forum and jabber channel where you will find more info.

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