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Assault Ships

Assault ships are meaner versions of T1 combat frigates. They are fun to fly because of the extra firepower they bring to the table. Though between a choice of an Interceptor or an Assault Frigate for fleet ops, you're always going to be more useful in an interceptor.

More commonly known as assault frigates or AFs, these are the main brawlers of the t2 frigate line. They're essentially t1 frigates with significantly improved hp and increased damage output. As part of this, they receive a massive resist bonus to the opposite race's main damage types (so for example Minmatar assault frigs get an additional +75% resist bonus to EM and +50% to thermal).

Type Amarr Caldari Gallente Minmatar

Assault Ships

Tier 1 Retribution Harpy Enyo Jaguar
Tier 2 Vengeance Hawk Ishkur Wolf

Helpful Guidelines

Assault frigates are generally slower, less agile and with greater mass than their t1 counterparts (mass being the attribute which affects how much of a speed boost you get from afterburners and mwds). This, combined with the low mid slot count of many assault ships means that they sometimes have difficulty getting into range and controlling engagements when compared to t1 - their ab speeds aren't quite fast enough to match a MWDing cruiser or BC, and with a MWD they forego their ability to dictate range when scrammed.

In a solo environment, assault frigates are tough targets to break and almost all of them will be a difficult fight in a comparable ship, however their low speed makes them relatively easy to evade if desired. In a gang, they tend to fill the role of heavy 'chaser' tackle, equipped with a mwd, scram, and sufficient hp to survive chasing down and holding targets while under heavy fire.

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