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Current Diplomatic Agreements

Universal Policies

Entosis and Structure Bashes

  • Make sure you bash is part of a campaign approved by a campaign manager
  • Obtain approval from a diplomat

Non-campaign structures

  • Don't shoot! When in doubt ask a diplomat.


Temporary or Permanent Blue Standings (+5 or greater)

  • Do not PVE in allied space
  • Do not destock or unseed allied markets
  • Do not linger in allied space unless you have an alliance space-job reason to do so

Tranquility Trading Tower Trust

Entities listed above are expected to work together to maintain the TTT markets in highsec. all other areas of space, explicitly including nullsec, have no considerations or implications in this agreement. You should fully expect any of these entities at any time to be both capable and willing to show up against us in sov timers around new eden. There is very intentionally, by all parties involved, not a nip explicitly or implicitly implied here as part of this agreement.

Affected Areas of Space

  • The Forge

Explicitly NOT Affected Areas of Space

  • Everywhere Else

Winter Coalition

TEST Alliance Please Ignore is a full member of WinterCo.

Blue Standings


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