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Winter Coalition Regulations

The Winter Coalition EN Rules have been updated to align directly with CN rules in most cases. Where not yet aligned, the EN rules are written separately.


EN Coalition Diplo Contacts

  • Coalition exec: Noraus
  • Exec: Luke Anninan
  • Coalition EN diplo director/cross alliance issues: Arrowspeeed Bounty
  • Coalition EN blacklist and repeat offenders: Saragossa

EN Alliance Contacts

  • Fraternity Diplos: Arrowspeeed (FRT external); Ledeanio and Saragossa (FRT internal)
  • Blades/Sprky: Eingang Vulpine, Basil Vulpine
  • Caladrius: Dexsar
  • LTRIG/RPS: Hila Kashada, Adri TOQ
  • No Visual: EndsToMeans
  • RV/Cyno Up: Jack Marshal, The Real Wolf
  • Siege Green: Errestrian, Rist
  • Sons of Bane: Thermistcles, Ravangard

Rules (where different from Fraternity rules): Siege Green: see Siege Green diplo Sons of Bane: see Sons of Bane diplo Other Winter Coalition alliances: see your alliance exec for rules specific to your alliance and/or sov

WinterCo Rules

Rules and Policies

Note: to cover situations that may not be specifically listed here, it is always important to show common sense, polite behavior, and respect.


Please refer to this map for best view of the areas of play:


Range of PvE Activities

In ally systems

No ratting, mining, exploring, or other game-play (including event sites). You may travel through these systems, and complete escalations.

  • Do not steal ESS from our allies space or our war time allies space
  • PanFam/WC NIP means No attacks on sov or structures.
  • No ESS stealing in Pandemic Horde rental areas (PH: Cobalt Edge and Oasa. WC: Branch and Tenal).
  • Test Alliance Please Ignore can play in FRT TCU space in Vale and Tribute.
  • SB-SQ can play in FRT TCU space in Vale and Tribute
  • East Wind. and Yeet the Dreads can play in FRT TCU space in Vale and Tribute

Fleet Participation, Salvaging and Looting

Currently separate for CN and EN

Salvaging and Looting

When in or near a fight, never loot the field unless specifically requested by the FC. In the case of structures, violating this rule can have significant diplomatic consequences for both yourself and your alliance. Do not loot a friendly wreck if the owner is still on the field or in the fleet.

Fleet participation (FAT) corp metrics

Fats per month higher or equal to number of corp characters. This is just the total fleets divided by total characters for the corp. It is not tracked by individual players. 40% of real people in the corp are represented on at least one fleet a month. This is tracked by player, and not tracked by character

Moon Mining, Renting and Reprocessing

Moons are owned and managed separately by alliance.

  • Moon rental rules are recorded in Fraternity CEO channel (pinned)
  • Reprocessing and reaction services are managed by Fraternity

Fraternity EN Public Moon Mining

  • Fraternity public moon extracts are pinged in the frt-mining-pings channel in Discord. A 10% tax is charged on what you mine.
  • We will attempt to provide a Public Mining Fleet where possible, ideally with FC over-watch.
  • Rorquals will be used for boosting and/or compression ONLY. ALL mining is to be done with sub-cap mining vessels.
  • Please do not use B or C crystals ….. too much waste.
  • Miner may choose to keep their ores, or, they may choose to sell their ores to the Alliance buyback – PANDA LOGISTICS.
  • A contract will be sent to corps covering the 10% tax for involved members. Corps will make the decision to either absorb the cost or pass on to individual corp members. Ledger details can be provided upon request.
  • For moons that are outside the 4-H umbrella, any military response is going to be delayed, unless we have a defense fleet pre-staged.
  • Make sure you have scouts out in surrounding systems to provide early warning.
  • If you cannot afford to lose it ……… think twice before you undock it.
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