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Winter Coalition Authorization and Coms

Register to Winter Coalition SEAT

Go to

  • Click “LOG IN with EVE Online”.
  • Log into your main account.
  • Choose your main character from the dropdown at the top.
  • Scroll all the way down and click authorize.
  • You should then arrive at the SEAT home page.
  • ADD each of your corp and Winter Coalition alts.
  • This means all of your alts to ensure full API coverage for all your characters.
  • Click on the character icon in the top right and select Link Character.
  • Select each character to add. If you need to use a different account, click Switch Character.

At the end of this process, there is nothing more to do on this site. Remember to add any further in-corp alts as and when they join corp. DO NOT join Discord or Mumble from this page. (These lead to the Chinese versions.)

Register to English Winter Coalition Dashboard

  • Sign in with your main character.
  • This leads to the English Winter Coalition Dashboard
  • There are tabs for Fleet Activity Tracking, SRP, Doctrines, and Services.

English WinterCo Discord

  • Log into into your Discord account on your browser.
  • From the Winter Coalition Dashboard, click the Services link.
  • Click the orange check mark on the right on the Discord line.
  • WC & Friends will be added to your your Discord servers.
  • This discord is the source of coalition pings, general chat and so forth.

English WinterCo Mumble

  • If you do not have the client for mumble use this link:
  • Have a headset and a microphone.
  • Have Mumble running and then click the yellow arrow. You will be presented with a page that gives you a password.
  • Copy the password that is generated (you will need to use it within mumble) and click continue. The page will take you back to the services section but the icons next to mumble will have changed.
  • Click the green arrow which will open mumble and prompt you to input a password.
  • Paste the password and you will get access to Mumble.

Before finishing go to Mumble > Server > Connect to bring up the Mumble Server Connect window. Hit the “Add New…” button and it should pre populate the Winter Co mumble details as you’re already on that server. (If not pre-populated, click the “Fill” button.) Hit Ok.

From Winter Coalition Dashboard, you can change the password at any time with the orange pencil button.

In-Game Channel

Join WinterCo_Friends ingame channel This is required for all English-speaking members. The MOTD contains many useful links like ratting, intel and trade channels, as well as important upcoming events.

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