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Test has many IT services that it offers to it's members for various reasons, from coordinating fleets on Mumble, to sending notifications of those same fleets on Jabber, to shitposting about everything on the Forums.

Available Services

Name URL Description
Auth Link The central and most important piece of all public IT infrastructure.
Announce Link Broadcast tool for sending information to the Alliance.
Citadel Nanny Link Tracks fuel and status of Citadels.
Discord Link Communication system for TEST.
Forums Link Shitpost here.
Freight Link Tool to track alliance freight contracts.
Git Link Old git repository host for TEST projects.
Gitlab Link New git repository host for TEST projects.
Intel Map Link Shows intel reports on a dotlan-like map.
Jabber N/A Central communication system for TEST.
Jenkins Link Build system for projects in the TEST Infrastructure.
Jibber Link ACL Manager for Jabber channels.
Minder Link ACL Manager for Mumble channels.
Mumble N/A Central voice communication system for TEST.
New Auth Link The next gen Auth to replace old auth
Pastebin Link An encrypted expiring pastebin.
Radio Link Radio streaming for internet spaceships.
Sentry Link Error tracker for TEST IT
TV Link TV streaming for internet spaceships.
Fits Checker Link Tool to view what you need to train for various doctrines/useful things. RIP
Skill Checker Link Tool to view your skills, and what you need to train for various doctrines/useful things.
Timer Board Link Centralized location to track upcoming timers for POS', IHUB's, etc.
Wiki Link You're on it.
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