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TEST Skill Checker

URL Link
Description A progress tracker for Test Alliance skill plans for new players,
ship doctrines, and some professions.
Creator/Maintainer(s) Thorrak McFluffypants
Other IT Services Link

How To Use The TEST Skill Checker

  1. Log in using your auth user name and external services password
  2. Select a character
  3. Select your desired skill plan (or use the Time To Train columns to choose a plan)
  4. Compare your Current Level for each skill to the Required and Recommended levels
  5. (optional) Download the skill plan .xml file and import it into EveMon

Most skill plans assume you have completed the 30D Plan from the Newbro skill plans.

Test Free regularly stocks the skill books for our Newbro skill plans, along with many other cheap combat and support skills. Don't hesitate to request books you're ready to inject from Test_Free in game.

Support Skills

The Support Skills plans are intended to be a reference. Nobody expects you to churn through them and train them all, but if you find yourself wanting to do a thing better you can check the support skills plans for a list of what affects a category of skills.

What's it for?

The TEST Skill Checker is intended to guide members towards roles within the alliance, and to give our fleet commanders the ability to make a lot of assumptions about a fleet's capabilities. (maximum speed, targeting range, weapons ranges, etc…)

Viewing progress on skill plans

You can view the progress of any of your characters towards skill packs easily, or view the progress of all of your characters towards any one skill pack.

Creating new skill plans

:words: to describe what do

Editing existing skill plans

:words: to describe what do


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