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Wormhole Space

Wormhole Space Characteristics

Wormhole Space has roughly 2600 known systems, each classified as one of six levels. These are commonly referred to as C1, C2, C3, C4, C5 or C6. They represent how entrenched the Sleeper occupation is and how strong the system effects (see below) can be. Additionally, 100 of those systems are classified as Shattered Wormhole Space, i.e. they contain only shattered planets and no moons.

Wormhole Space has no Stargates or Stations. Prior to the release of Citadel, anybody choosing to live in W-Space had to do so out of a Player Owned Starbase and accept that Wormholes will be their sole means of interstellar transport. The new player-owned Citadels are replacing the functionality of the old POS system, and have given corporations a new avenue to make and defend their homes. Thera is a unique wormhole system that has 4 Sisters of Eve stations and a number of special properties.

Visually W-Space is surrounded with cloud-like nebulae, partially blocking vision into the reaches of space. It is believed that Anoikis resides in a dense Nebula, which in turn provides necessary physical criteria for the abundant resources which are considered rare or non-existent in New Eden.

Local chat in W-Space is different from K-Space. You or any other players will only show up in channel if you're actually chatting. Otherwise they simply won't show up. You will continue to show up in local chat after you've typed, until all other players witnessing your presence have jumped system or logged off. Therefore to see who's in system you need to use scouts and D-Scan. Even then a cloaky ship won't be noticeable until it decloaks or logs off.

Exploration Sites and Cosmic Anomalies

Exploration sites in W-Space are different from K-Space. They are inhabited by Sleepers, which provide the materials to build Tech 3 Ships (Strategic Cruiser). Bringing a Dreadnought or Carrier into Anomalies, Data or Relic sites will spawn additional battleships in Class 5 and 6 W-Space systems. These spawns called Capital Escalations drop decent amounts of loot, allowing you to make ISK without completely finishing the site. Only two Capital Escalations can be triggered per capital type, totalling at four. All sites despawn three downtimes after they've been activated (initiated warp to). If a site isn't completed it will despawn on the fourth downtime after its activation. Escalation waves will regenerate after every downtime so it's possible to keep on farming a site for days.

Ore sites are anomalies that contain asteroids which can be mined. In higher class Wormholes the sites can contain enough ore to keep a dozen Hulks busy for days. An ore site can contain every known ore and is lightly guarded.

W-Space classes C1-3 also contains the same Data and Relic sites that spawn in Nullsec. These do not have any rats, Sleeper or otherwise. However unlike standard W-Space exploration sites, the hackable containers explode if your hacking attempt fails too many times.

Cosmic Signatures

Cosmic Signatures need to be probed down. They come in 5 types:

  • Gas - These Sites will contain gas clouds, which can be harvested through a Gas Harvester. The gas is needed for Tech 3 production and is lightly guarded. See Wormhole Gas Sites for more details on this.
  • Data - Data Sites will contain locked containers, containing items like datacores, which can be unlocked through Hacking. Sometimes there will be a Talocan ship wreck, which can be salvaged and will drop ancient hull sections for Tech 3 Ships. The sites are heavily guarded and can be escalated by capitals, unlike their K-Space counterparts.
  • Relic - Those sites will contain ancient relics in containers, which have to be opened through Archaeology. Ancient relics are needed to generate T3 blueprints through reverse engineering. Relic Sites are heavily guarded and can be escalated by capitals unlike their K-Space counterparts.
  • Wormhole - Not guarded by Sleepers, though it may be guarded by players. Unknown sites always indicate a Wormhole location, said wormhole will not spawn in its destination system until a player jumps through it. While it is by no means a guarantee, avoiding jumping wormhole signatures significantly reduces the chance that you will find yourself sharing the system with other players. It is worth noting that if a wormhole is opened towards you (your side is K162) the connection has been certainly established on both sides.

Other Activities


W-Space has a structural advantage only in one area of production. This is unsurprisingly Tech 3 production. All the materials required for Strategic Cruiser (T3) hulls and subsystems originate from W-Space, giving W-Space a slight logistical advantage. It is also impossible to run a full T3 production line in systems with security status more than 0.3, further increasing this advantage. For more information about Tech 3 Cruiser Production, you may start with the Tech 3 Manufacturing 101 syllabus.

In addition to T3 production, processes that aren't allowed in highsec space can be found in W-Space POSes. The most notable is Drug Manufacturing, utilizing the often short travel times to trade hubs -assuming you aren't unlucky- to import the necessary materials and exporting or locally selling the manufactured end-goods.

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