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Exploration Data Sites

Data Sites work exactly like Relic Sites, but they require a Data Analyzer to access. They contain valuable loot in hackable cans, and no NPCs. Items worth millions of ISK sometimes drop here even in high-sec, so keep a sharp eye out for them! See more details below on the hacking minigame, and/or see Hacking.

Type of Loot

  • This site will despawn after someone attempts to open a can and everyone leaves the site (whether successful or not) or the 3 day timer expires.
  • The loot from the containers normally has to do with invention such as decryptors, data cores, interface BPCs, other things used in T2 manufacturing, or skillbooks.
  • Usually the loot corresponds to the specific region, for example Minmatar Encryption Methods skillbook from Angel sites in Minmatar space.
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