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Exploration Relic Sites

Relic Sites are locations filled with abandoned structures filled with salvage and other loot. Best of all, in regular (non-wormhole) space, they’re filled only with valuables: no NPC defenders. Your exploration frigate can happily sail into these sites and use their Relic Analyzer on the structures within to pry out valuables. See more details below on the hacking minigame, and/or see Hacking.

Type of Loot

  • This site will despawn when someone attempts to open a can and everyone leaves the site (whether successful or not) or the 3 day timer expires.
  • The loot from these sites usually consist of T2 Rig BPCs, normal salvaged materials (sometimes even rare salvaged materials), salvaging and rigging skillbooks.
  • Usually the loot corresponds to the specific region, for example Alloyed Tritanium Bars from Angel sites in Minmatar space.
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