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Player Made Structures

Player Owned Customs Office

Customs Offices are the primary method through which Planetary Interaction materials reach players from planets, after the Crucible expansion. The serve as in system storage and transfer points for PI goods, and contain a set amount of built in storage for each player using them.


Citadels are a type of structure introduced during the Citadel expansion. They are intended to replace the functionality of starbases and Outposts allowing players the same functionality of a station such as docking, storing of items, refitting and corporation offices while also being expanded with the use of service modules to allow Clone Bay, Market and Reprocessing functionality.

Engineering Complexes

Engineering Complexes are a new type of structure introduced during the Ascension expansion. These structures, and the service modules that came with them, are intended to replace research and manufacturing functionality currently available in Outposts and Starbases. Engineering Complexes gain bonuses to manufacturing/science jobs and engineering service module fuel.


Refineries are a new type of structure introduced during the Lifeblood expansion. These structures, and the service modules that came with them, are intended to replace the moon mining and reactions functionality previously available in Starbases. Refineries gain bonuses to reprocessing.

Mobile Structures


Mobile Structures are player-deployable structures which allow for greater flexibility for capsuleers in space. These structures come in a variety of roles, affecting survivability, utility, espionage, bounties, and defence.


Mobile Depot

Mobile Depots act as an in-space fitting service and storage facility. Once you deploy a depot, you can use it refit your ship's modules and subsystems, move items between it and your cargohold, and move drones between your cargohold and drone bays. A Mobile Depot takes up only 50 m3 of space and will easily fit in most frigates. It can hold 3,000 - 4,000 m3 once deployed.

Mobile Tractor Unit

A Mobile Tractor Unit (or MTU) is essentially a massive cargo container with a tractor beam bolted on. Once deployed, it uses a single tractor beam to pull in any wrecks and cargo containers. It has a range of 125 km, with a 1,000 m/sec tractor velocity, and a 27,000 m3 cargohold. Deployment time is only 10 seconds, and the MTU will last 2 days in space before despawning. The MTU is only accessible by its owner. When destroyed it drops partial loot the same way a destroyed ship does.

Mobile Cynosural Inhibitor

The Mobile Cynosural Inhibitor is almost invaluable within 0.0, creating easy to set up inhibitors that can severely limit the enemy's ability to hot-drop on top of your units or gates. It prevents all normal cyno fields (but not covert cynos) from activating within 100km of the inhibitor. It takes two minutes to set up, has a 300 m³ volume and will stay in space for 1 hour. However unlike the other mobile structures this one cannot be reclaimed and will stay in space for that one hour or until someone blasts it apart. It is inherently designed for small or medium gangs as it cannot stay active for long under heavy fire due to a lack of HP that comes from the structure itself. One other limitation is it cannot be deployed in any location that would cause 2 fields to overlap as well as being expensive to produce (150m for the BPO alone).

Even with all those limitations it will still become a common sight in 0.0 due to the massive benefits that come from being able to control owned space and combat zones so effectively.

Mobile Scan Inhibitor

The Mobile Scan Inhibitor provides a way to hide ships in a 30 km radius from probe and directional scanning. Ships within this radius will also find their own instruments rendered inoperable. The mobile scan inhibitor itself is not invisible, but highly visible to combat probes and directional scans. Therefore usage of this structure does not completely hide somebody's presence. It will be very clear to others that somebody is hiding something - it is only unknown what is hidden. Even more importantly: while the ship is hiding inside the structure's radius its sensor systems are inoperable. Finally, it is important to note that in known space, those hidden will still be visible in local chat. Therefore its use is far more convenient for fleets operations than for lone travelers. Activation time is 1 minute and it cannot be retrieved - it is only a one-time use disposable structure. The structure self destructs after one hour of operation.

Mobile Micro Jump Unit

The Mobile Micro Jump Unit launches a ship 100 km in whatever direction the ship is facing, similar to the Large Micro Jump Drive module. It has no cooldown between uses or limit to how many ships can use it at once, but it does have a warm up time of 12 seconds before initiating the jump. It can be used by sub-capital ship and can be used both by friendlies and enemies. It has a 1 minute activation time, a life time of 2 days and cannot be retrieved - it is only a one-time use disposable structure.

Encounter Surveillance System

Encounter Surveillance Systems affect NPC bounty payouts in a null sec system it is deployed in. It cannot be built but only purchased at the empire navy stations (there are four variations, one for race). It can only be deployed in null sec and has a limitation of one structure per system.

General Limitations

All Mobile Structures have a minimum distance they have to be away from certain structures in order to be deployed (see below) and all of them are capable of being destroyed by anyone and the attacker will only get a suspect flag for it so a watchful eye needs to be on your goods as often as you can. Some of them can be relatively easy to scan down due to low sensor strength which makes them rather vulnerable, however the named versions of the Mobile Depot are very resilient to probing, the Yurt in particular boasting a hefty 400 sensor strength against all sensors which makes it very hard to pin down for all but the highest skilled probers

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