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Citadels are a type of structure introduced during the Citadel expansion. They are intended to replace the functionality of starbases and Outposts allowing players the same functionality of a station such as docking, storing of items, refitting and corporation offices while also being expanded with the use of service modules to allow Clone Bay, Market and Reprocessing functionality.

Size Variants

Astrahus: Medium

Fortizar: Large

Keepstar: Extra-Large

Anchoring Citadels

In order to Anchoring a citadel you'll need a ship with an appropriately sized cargo hold or fleet hangar, the right roles and a suitable spot to anchor your citadel. After that the whole building process, while automatic, takes 24 hours.


With the Citadel anchored you will now see it listed in the overview and be able to warp to it if you are not already on grid it will also be displayed on the directional scanner. A number of lights will now have appeared around it. Most are for show with the exception of a ring of lights around the edge indicating the docking ring.

Upon docking you will be able to switch between an exterior view of the citadel or the ship hanger. In addition if permitted you will be able to take control of it loading the overview and allowing you to manage the citadels fittings.

As with a normal station you have a personal item and ship hanger along with corporation hangers if they have rented an office in the citadel. While in control of a citadel you will be able to access the Ammo Bay, Fuel Bay and Fighter Bay Station Services such as Cloning can be accessed in the same method but will be locked and unselectable if the appropriate service module is not fitted and online. These service modules consume fuel to maintain and when first onlined will immediately use 72 hours worth of fuel.

While in control of a citadel you are able to target objects that are not invulnerable, deploy fighters and activate offensive modules as you would if you were in control of a ship using the same safety settings.

  • Fighter hangar is 100.000m³. It's possible to overload the fighter hangar i.e. you can switch between squadrons although the hangar and launch tubes are completely full.
  • Jump Clones can be left in citadels located in wormhole space with the appropriate service module but you cannot jump to them while outside of that system
  • Disabling a Cloning Centre does not destroy installed jump clones but prevents the activation of them.
  • In addition attempting to clone to a Medical Clone at a Citadel with a disabled Cloning Center you will be rerouted to your corporation HQ.


Tethering allows players with permission to dock in the citadel to remain in space without being targetable, essentially making them invulnerable. While tethered the structure will also repair any damage modules fitted to your ship and drones currently in your drone bay. While you can move around as long as you stay close to the structure, several actions break the tether as well as stops you from tethering to begin with.

  • While tethered, you'll see an icon on top of your HUD.
  • You'll also see a faint cyan-coloured effect coming from the citadel, while you're tethered
  • Damage will be repaired while tethered, indicated by a repair icon over your HUD and a very noticeable translucent effect on you entire ship


You cannot attack a citadel unless it's in its vulnerability state. Citadels go in and out of vulnerability states depending on how the owners have set up its Vulnerability Hours, with the Astrahus being vulnerable for 3 hours, the Fortizar for 6 hours and the Keepstar for 21 hours.

Citadel Destruction

Upon destruction of a Citadel it offlines, becoming a wreck and ejects all online players with their active ship. The wreck remains behind ejecting a Hanger Container that holds dropped loot from the Citadel.

Player and Corporation assets become recoverable via a new tab under Assets known as Saftey. From this menu you can see any assets that are being recovered from a destroyed Citadel. Assets can be manually delivered after a few days to another valid Citadel within the same system at no cost.

Otherwise you are required to wait for auto delivery to take place to an NPC station. This takes significantly longer then manual delivery. For Citadels anchored in 0.0 this defaults to a lowsec NPC station.

  • Additional test needed for players that are offline when destroyed.

Difference In Citadels

Astrahus: Medium Citadel

  • Only allows sub-capital ships to dock
  • Unable to fit Market Service Module
  • Unable to use Guided Bomb Launcher
  • Unable to use Point Defense
  • Unable to use Doomsday
  • 20,000m3 Ammo Bay
  • 3 vulnerable hours per week

Fortizar: Large Citadel

  • Allows subcapital and capital ships to dock
  • Unable to use Doomsday
  • 6 vulnerable hours per week

Keepstar: Extra-Large Citadel

  • Allows all ships to dock
  • Able to fit all citadel modules
  • 21 vulnerable hours per week

Structure Browser/Groups

  1. Groups and the Structure Browser: both are found in the Business menu of the neocom
  2. You start with a group called “my corp”, and you cannot edit this group. To start make a new Group with the button
  3. The group will start with you in the admin role, and you can add more Character/corp/alliances by dragging them from people and places menu or any other place like chat or a linked name
  4. The roles in the group are in order Admin > Manager > Member > Blocked.
  5. A character can be given any of the roles, while Corporation and Alliances can only be given the member and blocked roles.
  6. You can add the “public”(the globe icon) to a group but it can only be given the member role. Admins can add remove any of the rolls including other admins, while managers can only add/remove people from the member and blocked roles
  7. Blocked are on the black list even if they are a member of one of the corp with access
  8. Groups can be shared in chat by dragging them. These group are then Use by structure profiles in the Structure Browser
  9. To start creating and editing profiles go to the 'My Structures' tab
  10. Click on the New profile Button
  11. Before assigning any structures to this new profile I will add group to each roll on the profile setting tab the different groups are in order Docking, Defense, Clone Bay, Corporation Office, Market and Reprocessing.
  12. Defense is taking control of a citadel and is the only way to get it to shoot.
  13. You can add a group to a role by Clicking on the + sign.
  14. Click save after adding the groups
  15. To assign a structure a profile Click on the Any Profile Option and drag them to the one you want changing cost station serves per group
  16. It’s as easy as changing this value in the profile settings (isk for Clone bay and Corporation offices)(% for market tax and Refining tax) other galactic taxes may apply

Fitting A Citadel

  • Fitting a citadel is much like fitting a ship: if you have the roles required to take control of a citadel, you can just open up the fitting window and drop module in just like a ship.
  • To 'online' the service you must have fuel in the fuel bay which only seems accessible while controlling the citadel. This is the same with the fighter bay (which works like the carrier version, if not more buggy) and the ammo hold (if you want the Missile/bomb launcher to reload automatically the ammo must be place in there
  • Citadel fits can be saved and shared like ship fits, but currently fitting from a saved fit is bugged

Misc / Bugs

  • Warping to a citadel at 0 while it is anchoring can cause ships to become stuck. This has a higher likelihood of happening with larger ships.
  • Anchored Astrahus at Data Site. Must be 500km off.
  • It is not possible to jump from a clone in known space to a clone in wormhole space or vice versa. Medical Clones cannot be set inside wormhole space.
  • Micro Jump Field Generators will not move any ship that is tethered including the ship that activated the module.
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