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Encounter Surveillance System


Encounter Surveillance Systems affect NPC bounty payouts in a null sec system it is deployed in. It cannot be built but only purchased at the empire navy stations (there are four variations, one for race).

It can only be deployed in null sec and has a limitation of one structure per system. This systems pays out 80 % of the bounties directly while 20% are stored in a system-wide pool. In addition, for every 1000 bounty ISK, 0,15 LP of the appropriate faction are awarded. The payout rises over time (the chance is based on activity) and can be increased 5 times by 1% for ISK payouts and by 0,01 LP/1000 ISK for loyalty points. This gives a maximum of 105% on bounties and 0,2 LP/1000 ISK. Destroying, scooping or accessing the structure resets the payout value. The structure is designed to opens many possibilities for PvE bounty hunting as well as for PvP engagements since bounties can be stolen and payout bonuses can be reset.

The range to interact with the structure is 2500 m and the structure also has a 15 km radius warp bubble. If a player interacts with the structure he can make one of two choices: “Share” or “Take all”. Each choice causes a notification to be sent out informing all that contributed to the pool on who accessed the structure and what option was chosen.

E.S.S. Actions

If you are not 100% comfortable interacting with the E.S.S. it is best to just LEAVE IT ALONE. Mishandling can lead to the loss of your ship and possible diplomatic repercussions


“Share” has a timer of 30 seconds and leads to the ISK in the pool being shared among those that contributed to the pool, each player receiving ISK equal to what he added to the pool.

You do NOT need to be online, in system, or in fleet in order to receive your bounty payout from the E.S.S.

Take All

“Take all” leads to tags dropping in a can and has a 210 second timer. These tags can be retrieved and turned in at navy stations of the same race for ISK.

This WILL get you shot by your fellow TEST members and possibly diplomatic repercussions

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