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Test runs incursions, a high-end PVE activity that generates ISK and LP via Concord bounties to the participants. Without further ado:

If you're here you're probably wondering what ship(s) to bring and how to fit them.

Check all of these fits in EFT yourself before you buy them.

In an incursion, you get take large amounts of damage by rats and only get paid when the site is cleared. Therefore, it is important that you apply as much DPS as possible while being able to tank incoming damage. As such, we require T2 tanks and strongly recommend T2 weapons. In incursions, there is also a high amount of blingyness to it, so these fits have been boiled down to intro-level ships. At bare minimum, you should have 70% resists and at least 120k EHP for Red Bar fit.

Additionally, don't bring microwarp drives, especially in smaller ships because your sig blooms and you take more damage.

All ships should fit a plate when the bar is red. Battleships (and only battleships) can refit their plate or EANM to an extra damage module when the bar is mostly blue without having to worry about dying.

The following are our most commonly used fits.

Note: With the capital jump changes, battleships have fallen out of favor. T3/Cruiser hulls are typically preferred as they are easier to move than a battleship.

Vanguard Site Fittings

Running sites with the Russians

To run HQ sites with the Uroborus community, make sure to read the public pages located here:

Then, view the required fits here:

Headquarters Site Fittings

Forum Threads

We have set up multiple threads to discuss aspects of each of the below fittings

You can view them at the following:

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