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A Supercarrier is a super-capital ship that technically falls into the Carrier grouping for skill purposes, though due to its immense size and scope is considered by most pilots to be in a class of its own. Supercarriers are the second-largest class of ship within EVE, only outclassed by Titans.

Like Titans, Supercarriers are not able to dock in stations or outposts, and can only dock in Extra Large citadels, Keepstars.

All supercarriers have definitive bonuses that allow them to fulfill their designated roles:

  • Can deploy 5 flights of fighters (2 more than regular carriers), and are the only class of ship that can launch Heavy Fighters.
  • Can fit Burst Projectors.
  • Can fit 3 Warfare Links.

What Should You Train?

Wyvern > Hel > Nyx > Aeon


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