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Required Skills

  • Minmatar Freighter IV
  • Advanced Spaceship Command V
    • Spaceship Command V
  • Minmatar Industrial III
    • Spaceship Command III
  • Jump Freighters I
    • Industry V
    • Advanced Spaceship Command IV
      • Spaceship Command V
  • Jump Drive Calibration I
    • Jump Drive Operation V
    • Warp Drive Operation V
      • Navigation I
    • Science V

Ship Description

There is continuing speculation as to how exactly the Thukkers manage to move their vast caravans throughout space relatively undetected, but their expertise with jump drive technology became glaringly apparent when they created the Nomad. Now seeing widespread service with roving Thukker outrider detachments, the Nomad is rapidly becoming an essential part of Thukker life away from the great caravans.

Developer : Thukker Mix

Thukkers spend their entire lives forever wandering the infinite in their vast caravans. As such their technology is based as much upon necessity as their ingenious ability to tinker. Their ship designs therefore tend to based upon the standard empire templates but extensively modified for the Thukkers unique needs.


Minmatar Freighter bonuses (per skill level):

5% bonus to ship cargo capacity

5% bonus to ship inertia modifier

Jump Freighters bonuses (per skill level):

10% bonus to ship shield and hull hitpoints

10% reduction in jump fuel requirement

Role Bonus:

100% reduction in Reinforced Bulkhead CPU requirements

90% reduction to effective distance traveled for jump fatigue


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