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Sensor Dampening



Remote Sensor Dampeners


Inverted Signal Field Projectors - increase effect of Sensor Dampeners, but have decreased shields as a drawback.
Particle Dispersion Projectors - increase optimal range of Electronic Warfare modules, but have decreased shields as a drawback.


  • Hobgoblin SD-300 (light)
  • Hammerhead SD-600 (medium)
  • Ogre SD-900 (heavy)

Modules used as a countermeasure

Sensor Boosters
Signal Amplifiers
Remote Sensor Boosters (work on a target ship but don't benefit the own ship)

Rigs used as a countermeasure

Ionic Field Projectors - increases targeting range, but has decreased shields as a drawback.
Targeting System Subcontrollers - increases targeting speed, but has decreased shields as a drawback.

How it works

Remote Sensor Dampeners lower the maximum targeting range and the sensor resolution of the target ship. The result is that the targeting range of the other ship is reduced and it also takes a longer time for it to get a target lock once it gets in range.

How the countermeasure works

Targeting range and speed get enhanced with Sensor Boosters being more effective than Signal Amplifiers. The downside is that they use capacitor.

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