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Unrated Complexes

Unrated Complexes, unlike DED Rated Complexes, do not have a direct in game difficulty rating assigned to them. However thanks to Unrated Complexes roughly following the pattern of:

[Faction Name][Site Name] (i.e. Serpentis Base)

Their relative difficulties can be very easy to remember. The exception to this naming convention is the Rogue Drone sites, which are named totally differently.

The size of ship allowed in Unrated Complexes does not follow a predictable pattern, each site, even of the same size but from a different faction, can have a different ship size limit.

Site List

Found In Unrated Complexes
HighLowNullAngel CartelBlood RaidersGuristas PiratesSansha's NationSerpentis CorporationRogue Drones
X--Angel HideoutBlood HideoutGurista HideoutSansha HideoutSerpentis HideoutHaunted Yard
X--Angel LookoutBlood LookoutGurista LookoutSansha LookoutSerpentis LookoutDesolate Site
X--Angel WatchBlood WatchGurista WatchSansha WatchSerpentis WatchChemical Yard
X--Angel VigilBlood VigilGurista VigilSansha VigilSerpentis Vigil-
-X-Provision Angel OutpostProvisional Blood OutpostProvisional Gurista OutpostProvisional Sansha OutpostProvisional Serpentis Outpost Rogue Trial Yard
-X-Angel OutpostBlood OutpostGurista OutpostSansha OutpostSerpentis OutpostDirty Site
-X-Minor Angel AnnexMinor Blood AnnexMinor Gurista AnnexMinor Sansha AnnexMinor Serpentis AnnexRuins
-X-Angel AnnexBlood AnnexGurista AnnexSansha AnnexSerpentis Annex-
--XAngel BaseBlood BaseGurista BaseSansha BaseSerpentis BaseIndependence
--XAngel FortressBlood FortressGurista FortressSansha FortressSerpentis FortressRadiance
--XAngel Military ComplexBlood Military ComplexGurista Military ComplexSansha Military ComplexSerpentis Military ComplexHierarchy
--XAngel Provincial HQBlood Provincial HQGurista Provincial HQSansha Provincial HQSerpentis Provincial HQ-
--XAngel Domination Fleet Staging PointDark Blood Fleet Staging PointDread Guristas Fleet Staging PointTrue Sansha Fleet Staging PointShadow Serpentis Fleet Staging Point-


When the commander of an Unrated Complex is destroyed, there is a relatively small chance that a pop up window will open explaining that details of the location of another enemy site have been found. The site's information is then added to the journal in the expeditions tab.

When the site listed in the journal is finished, there is a chance that it will escalate farther, leading to yet another site. Most expeditions have up to 4 parts.

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