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DED Complexes

Not to be confused with Anomalies.

DED Complexes (or complexes) need to be found through probing, or escalations from anomalies. The final boss/container has a chance to drop complex loot, which in many cases equal to or superior to Officer loot. As such, complexes are highly sought after.

Complexes have a limitation on which ships are able to enter. These limitations are enforced through an acceleration gate in the entrance to the site. When you first warp to a complex, you will be able to see its DED rating from the notification that shows up.

DED Rating Max Ship Class
1/10 Frigate
2/10 Destroyer
3/10 Cruiser (T3s and Orcas not allowed)
4/10 Battlecruisers (T3s and Orcas not allowed)
5/10 Battleship
6+/10 No Restriction

What to do

Once you arrive at the complex, you will receive an incoming message to give you some information about the complex and its difficulty level.

Some complexes are very challenging and can not be completed by a solo player. At this point, there may be a need for combat as well as determining how the next gate may be activated. Gates are generally activated with a key, passcard or cipher, which are often well guarded by an overseer for that Deadspace pocket. Keys may be found within an on-site structure, such as an asteroid colony or a control tower (normally located centrally in every Deadspace pocket); you need to blow this up and loot it. Or, the key may simply be stored in a secured and guarded container. Keep in mind that not all gates need keys, and in those cases you need to try them out and see what they require (if you don't meet the requirements, you will receive notification).

Warning: The keys needed for some gates may be single use only, and disappear from your cargo hold once used. This means that you should enter the complex fully prepared, as you can't come out to restock on ammunition, or to come back with a salvaging ship. If you wish to take a fleet through such a gate, then everyone must be present and ready to activate it after the person with the key, in the short timeframe that it is unlocked.

Deadspace Loot

A loot can will be present at the end of a DED Complex. If you are lucky, there will be deadspace loot inside, which can be worth several billion ISK per module. Their naming conventions are as shown below:

DED Rating 1-3/10 4-6/10 7-9/10 10/10
Blood Raiders Corpii Corpum Corpus Corpus X-Type
Sansha's Nation Centii Centum Centus Centus X-Type
Serpentis Corelii Corelum Core Core X-Type
Guristas Pithii Pithum Pith Pith X-Type
Angels Gistii Gistum Gist Gist X-Type

For DED Ratings 1-9/10, the deadspace loot is given by (Faction) A/B/C-Type, eg. Corpii C-Type Multispectrum Coating


Some players have written guides on how to do these sites efficiently

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