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Unrated Complex's Escalations

When the commander of an Unrated Complex is destroyed, there is a relatively small chance that a pop up window will open explaining that details of the location of another enemy site have been found. The site's information is then added to the journal in the expeditions tab.

When the site listed in the journal is finished, there is a chance that it will escalate farther, leading to yet another site. Most expeditions have up to 4 parts.

Unrated ComplexEscalation
Angel CartelBlood RaidersGuristas PiratesSansha's NationSerpentis CorporationRogue Drones
High Sec
(Faction) HideoutBlue PillFrentixSooth SayerDropMindfloodPulverize The Pioneers
(Faction) LookoutChasing the DragoonFollowing the BloodTrapSlave Breeding PlantsAngel KickbacksMare Sargassum
(Faction) WatchThe Nuclear Small Arms ProjectMedical TwilightTerrorist Plot!Nation on the RiseJet-Set HooligansHunting the Drudge Factory
(Faction) VigilThe Big BlueThe Rewards of DevotionKidnapped!True Power ShipyardsBooster R&D-
Low Sec
Provisional (Faction) OutpostDomination Surveillance SquadBlood Surveillance SquadGurista Surveillance SquadSansha Surveillance SquadGuardian Angels Surveillance SquadMoving Day
(Faction) OutpostSalvation Angel's ShipmentSave The SlavesGurista Productions ShipmentHidden RichesElite PlaygroundLoose Ends
Minor (Faction) AnnexAngel Owned StationBlood Owned StationGuristas Owned StationSansha Owned StationSerpentis Owned StationMenacing Mechanics
(Faction) AnnexAngel PowergridBlood Raider PowergridGuristas PowergridSansha PowergridSerpentis Powergrid-
Null Sec
(Faction) BaseToxic Waste Scandal!Religious FuryConsequences SmonsequencesTrue Power HQContract KillersThe Drone Roulette
(Faction) FortressOperation Spring CleaningDubious AssignmentHired GunShady OperationSuspicious JobMolting Season
(Faction) Military ComplexPioneers PerilFrontier in FlamesPirate's PathDavid V GoliathColony Under FireTrouble in Paradise
(Faction) Provincial HQSpecial ForcesFountain of YouthNo QuarterThe Ancient CitySerpentis Secrets-
(Faction) Fleet Staging PointAngel Domination Fleet Staging Point 2---Shadow Serpentis Fleet Staging Point 2-
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