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Propaganda Cluster


Force Required

  • Fleet of 3 - 5 pilots
  • 1 logistics or spidertanking
  • Sites take about 15 - 20 minutes

Military Information

Your primary objective is to storm the Nation’s media control facility and destroy any defense forces you find there. This is a target of opportunity, and has minimal impact on the larger anti-Sansha campaign.

Background Information

The Nation’s influence over system-wide infrastructure is starting to be ruthlessly exploited to the maximum extent possible. Officers in some affected systems are now reporting that Sansha have blocked local news outlets and even emergency broadcast systems from transmitting vital data. Although there are a number of obvious tactical advantages to such a move, the nature and pattern of the Nation’s censorship is neither consistent nor predictable. There may be a more subtle and insidious goal behind these attacks or perhaps their jamming technology is not yet perfected. In either case, these propaganda clusters, although militarily insignificant, nonetheless pose a significant threat to the continued stability of densely populated planets and systems under attack. Synopsis from ISHAEKA-0093. DED Special Operations. Authorized for Capsuleer dissemination.


Below is a list of enemies that spawn in this site.

NameSig (m)Speed (m/s)Orbit (km) / Speed (m/s)EWarDamage (dps) / Volley (hp)Range (km)EHP (x1000)
Arnon Epithalamus215130050 / 210Jam164 / 90011365
Antem Neo184135060 / 205-168 / 840146-17688
Jel Rhomben49336011 / 560-48 / 24010-123
Lirsautton Parichaya12514008 / 158-440 / 66006925
Mara Paleo65205060 / 310RR Shield--30
Niarja Myelen53276015 / 405Jam / Neut--4
Raa Thalamus200152018 / 205-80 / 40023-3338
Romi Thalamus200152018 / 205-320 / 160023-33106
Uitra Telen300150030 / 260-132 / 66023-33132
Vylade Dien42217060 / 170Warfare Links--275
Youl Meten3325508 / 410Web38 / 19210-123


This is a generic kill order that works no matter what fleet you're running. Certain special doctrines or fleet compositions could change some things in order to optimize their fleet efficiency, so this isn't necessarily the only kill order, but it works.

#Targets for the entire fleetReason
Regular TargetsSmall Targets
1Niarja MyelenThe Niarja Myelens because they jam and neut. The Lirsautton Parichayas before the Arnon Epithalamus if there are too many, because of their damage and since they are easy to kill. Other way around if there are fewer Lirsauttons
Lirsautton Pariachaya
Arnon Epithalamus
3Mara Paleo-The Mara because it has remote shield boost capabilities
Vylade Dien-The Vylade because it increases the resist for all the other ships
4Romi ThalamusEystur RhombenRomis before Raas despite being tankier due to being much stronger. Antem Neos before Uitras because they do slightly more damage and easier to kill. Jels before Youls despite the web as they are a little bit stronger.
Antem NeoJel Rhomben
Uitra TelenYoul Meten
Raa Thalamus-


Initial research suggests that some ships are triggers for the next wave and while the exact details hasn't been ironed out, the Romi Thalamus, Uitra Telen, Vylade Dien and Youl Meten are usually among the triggers for wave two and three. All ships will need to be destroyed in order to complete the site, so intentionally forcing the next wave before you finish your current wave isn't advantageous.

Special Requirements

There are no special requirements for this site.

Helps & Tips

  • There are four waves in this site, spawning at 25 - 30 km from the warp-in.
  • There are no ships capable of warp disrupting or warp scrambling you in this site, which means you can warp out at any time.
  • This site has a slightly higher alpha than the others, if you get an unusually high number of Lirsautton Parichayas in either wave two or three.
  • The Lirsauttons were initially only seen in the mothership sites, The Kundalini Manifest or Uroborus prior to the Hyperion expansion in August 2014.
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