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What are Incursions?

Incursions were introduced in the “Incursion” patch. Sansha NPCs will invade various constellations in the game and make everyone living there unhappy. Incursions may happen anywhere except in major trade hubs. At any time there will be around 3-5 Incursions active in New Eden.

An invaded constellation suffers the following drawbacks in all systems:

  • Reduction of all shield/armor resistances, depending on System Control.
  • Reduction of turret, missile, drone and smartbomb damage, depending on System Control.
  • Jamming of cynosural fields throughout the system. 'This includes Jump Bridges and Cyno Beacons'
  • 50% reduction on all NPC bounties and mission rewards.

Please note that jumps bridges leaving the constellation will still work but you cannot return.

Systems will be classified depending on how heavy the NPC presence is. The levels in order are Staging/Scout, Vanguard, Assault and HQ. There will only be one HQ and one Staging/Scout system per constellation.

Dangers of Incursions

In low and nullsec Sanshas will also set up gate camps on most gates inside the constellation and, unlike normal gate rats, they will start locking you as soon as you decloak. Many of the gate camping rats will warp scramble and may additionally web, neut or jam you. The level of the gate camp depends on the system class. Don't jump into an Assault or HQ system solo unless you intend to insurance fraud your ship. Vanguard systems don't have tackling rats but they will neut and web. Warp off without aligning first.

Clearing an Incursion

To defeat an Incursion players run Incursion Encounter Sites within the invaded systems, which will push the System Control meter down. The more you push the system control meter back the less the resist and damage penalties are. When the constellation control is at 0% the final encounter spawns in the HQ system. This encounter will contain a Sansha Mothership which needs to be defeated to clear the Incursion. The system control meter will creep back up over time, however, once the final encounter has spawned, the Incursion will be cleared when defeated even if the meter has crept back up over 0%.

If an Incursion isn't defeated within approximately one week it will despawn.

How do I make loads of ISK with incursions?

TESTcursions v2 is currently starting up, join up with the testcursion group on Auth and join the Jabber room for more information.

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