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Force Required

  • Fleet of 40 - 80 pilots (up to 120 in low/null)
  • 10+ logistics needed (5+ utility cap needed)
  • Site takes about 15 - 25 minutes and ends the Incursion

Military Information

Your primary objective is to locate the Sansha‘s Nation flagship and destroy it. The destruction of this vessel will bring the local incursion to a halt.

Background Information

The construction of the first Sansha Supercarrier is believed to have begun as early as ten decades ago, during the slow but steady resurgence of Nation forces in Stain. Various blueprints, technical documents and other evidence suggested a large-scale construction project, although a starship was not the primary suspicion at the time. The exact technical specifications of the vessel remain unknown. Limited intelligence suggests improvements made to the jump drive calibrators, allowing unprecedented jump ranges, although this is currently unconfirmed. The crew aboard these flagship vessels is constituted of civilians abducted during the initial planetary invasions. During one engagement with the flagship, segments of crew were ejected following an explosion deep inside the hull. DNA analyses of these crew members confirmed their origins. Synopsis from ISHAEKA-0108. DED Special Operations. Authorized for Capsuleer dissemination.


Below is a list of enemies that spawn in this site.

NameSig (m)Speed (m/s)Orbit (km) / Speed (m/s)EWarDamage (dps) / Volley (hp)Range (km)EHP (x1000)
Antem Neo184135060 / 205-168 / 840146-17688
Arnon Epithalamus215130050 / 210Jam164 / 90011365
Auga Hypophysis32511006 / 170Scram / Web480 / 240012-2052
Deltole Tegmentum54085012 / 118Scram / Neut / Paint818 / 450045179
Eystur Rhomben49336011 / 560-120 / 60010-129
Intaki Colliculus32098050 / 140RR Shield120 / 60010-129
Mara Paleo65205060 / 310RR Shield--30
Niarja Myelen53276015 / 405Jam / Neut--4
Outuni Mesen40079018 / 110Scam / Neut / Web352 / 176045-65215
Renym Meten3325509 / 410Web192 / 96010-129
Romi Thalamus200152018 / 205-320 / 160023-33106
Schmaeel Medulla36400012 / 640Scram / Web50 / 25212-209
Tama Cerebellum39210012 / 355Scram300 / 2700708
Uroborus140507540 / 75Neut / RR Shield / Remote ECM / Fighter Bomber--13996
Yulai Crus Cerebi40080060 / 118-397 / 1984160-210118


This is a generic kill order that works no matter what fleet you're running. Certain special doctrines or fleet compositions could change some things in order to optimize their fleet efficiency, so this isn't necessarily the only kill order, but it works. As a general rule of thumb, if you cannot shoot the highest priority target due to low damage projection, move on to the next target you can actually hit. Just remember to switch back to a higher priority target if it moves into range later on.

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Special Requirements

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Hints & Tips

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