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True Power Provisional Headquarters


Force Required

  • Fleet of 40 pilots (up to 60 in low/null)
  • 6 - 10 logistics needed (5+ utility cap needed)
  • 0 - 15 snipers (optional)
  • Sites take about 10 - 20 minutes

Military Information

Your objective is to secure a path to True Power's Mobile HQ and then destroy it. You will need to pass through three layers of security before you will arrive at the station. Sansha commanders will attempt to reinforce the area en-masse if you give them time to, so be sure to bring pilots to breach their defenses quickly.

Background Information

True Power, the leading corporation within Sansha's Nation, has acquired the means to establish provisional headquarters in areas of their choosing. The exact nature of these operations or how such large complexes are established so quickly remains unknown. The use of mobile nano-factories is strongly suspected, and would help account for the rapidity of setup. It is also possible that rogue drone technology, or even worker drones themselves, are for some reason assisting in the rapid deployment of these battle stations, although this remains unconfirmed. The strategic value of these outposts is significant. Nation can re-equip local fighting forces at a moment's notice, transmit instructions and battle reports along secure lines, and rally retreating Nation forces that have been ejected from other strongholds, which are always in close proximity to the larger headquarters for this reason. Synopsis from ISHAEKA-0081. DED Special Operations. Authorized for Capsuleer dissemination.


Below is a list of enemies that spawn in this site.

NameSig (m)Speed (m/s)Orbit (km) / Speed (m/s)EWarDamage (dps) / Volley (hp)Range (km)EHP (x1000)
Antem Neo184135060 / 205-168 / 840146-17688
Arnon Epithalamus215130050 / 210Jam164 / 90011365
Auga Hypophysis32511006 / 170Scram / Web480 / 240012-2052
Deltole Tegmentum54085012 / 118Scram / Neut / Paint818 / 450045179
Eystur Rhomben49336011 / 560-120 / 60010-129
Intake Colliculus32098050 / 140RR Shield120 / 60010-129
Mara Paleo65205060 / 310RR Shield--30
Ostingele Tectum53085040 / 118-528 / 264045-65290
Outuni Mesen40079018 / 110Scram / Neut / Web352 / 176045-65215
Romi Thalamus200152018 / 205-320 / 160023-33106
Schmaeel Medulla36400012 / 640Scram / Web50 / 25212-209
Tama Cerebellum39210012 / 355Scram300 / 2700708
Vylade Dien42217060 / 170Combat Booster--275
Yulai Crus Cerebi40080060 / 118-397 / 1984160-210118


This is a generic kill order that works no matter what fleet you're running. Certain special doctrines or fleet compositions could change some things in order to optimize their fleet efficiency, so this isn't necessarily the only kill order, but it works. As a general rule of thumb, if you cannot shoot the highest priority target due to low damage projection, move on to the next target you can actually hit. Just remember to switch back to a higher priority target if it moves into range later on.

#Targets for the entire fleetReason
Regular TargetsSniper TargetsSmall Targets
1Arnon EpithalamusSchmaeel MedullaThe Arnons because they jam and the Outunis due to heavy neuts (also warp disrupts and web). The Schmaeels because they web and warp disrupts.
Outuni Mesen
2Auga HypophysisMara PaleoTama CerebellumAugus before Deltoles as they die rapidly and also web, then Vylades because they boost resists. The Maras because they remote repair. Tamas due to their high damage and warp disruption.
Deltole Tegmentum
Vylade Dien
3Intaki ColliculusTulai Crus CerebiEystur RhombenIntakis because they are logistics then Ostingeles before Romis as they are easier to hit and do more damage. Yulais before Antems as they are easier to hit and do more damage. Eysturs pose no specific threat.
Ostingele TectumAntem Neo
Romi Thalamus


The acceleration gates in the first and second pocket of this site will only unlock once all the Sansha in the pocket have been killed. In the third and last pocket the True Power Mobile Headquarters (Sansha's Battletower LCO) will be a regular object in space until you've killed off the first wave, the second wave (triggered by the last Ostingele in the first wave) and the third wave (triggered by the last Ostingele in the second wave). Then it will unlock into the proper True Power Mobile Headquarters (Reinforced Nation Outpost) that you need to summarily blow up.

The destruction of the True Power Mobile Headquarters will end the site.

Technically both the acceleration gate and headquarter structures will despawn and respawn as proper interactive objects.

Special Requirements

There are no special requirements for this site.

Hints & Tips

  • If you land in a new pocket and there's a Mara Paleo tagged for the snipers, kill it before you start moving (to preserve your tracking).
  • If you need to control the incoming damage you can tag one of the Ostingele Tectums of each wave in the last room as J (juliet) to manage the triggers. Kill everything but the last Ostingele before finishing it off, that way you will not risk spawning too many ships at once.
  • Remember to pulse your propulsion module or turn it off as soon as you're in position, to preserve cap.
  • Keep an extra eye on your capacitor if the Outuni Mesen is still on the field.
  • It doesn't hurt to remind people to move towards the gates in the first few rooms, switch to the fleet member tab or look at brackets in space to catch people who forget to move.
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